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Dreadfully sorry for being MIA for such a time... I have been busy however, and hope to be back here shortly to update and post all that i have been doing and creating.....   In the meantime, Maxine can be found on Face Book  ...  link =
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Friday, July 18, 2014


With grey skies overhead and at times lashings of rain - Caversham House filled with Vendors, shone as tho a Spring Day.

Yes, Sunday the 6th July was the Swan Valley Bridal Open Day -  and before the 10.00am opening of the doors, the two Car parks were starting to fill with visitors.
As finishing touches were added to each Display -  Signs placed in the correct position - a neatening of cloths here and a straightening of chairs there.... 

With a *Have a lovely Day and Your Display Tables look beautiful* to my fellow Vendors - i turned and looked again at my Exhibit and smiled.... Yes, i had created the Soft shades of Green, White, Gold and just a hint of Pastel Pink and with the lighting of the candles, i was happy with what presented before me.

Gold cake stands that held ever so pastel pink Macarons - Mini swirled pastel pink Meringues - wrapped Chocolate Bars  and Vanilla Sponge cupcakes - with pastel pink flowers on top.

All sitting alongside and underneath the tall white cake stands that held the varying shades of pale green display cakes.....and one pale pastel pink cake with a single dusky pink Rose.

Thank you to all who attended and thank you to those who spoke with me - it was indeed a pleasure..


Wednesday, June 11, 2014


The beautiful Daughter in Law celebrated her Birthday this week - so i thought i would create a pretty cake to suit the occasion.

Six layers of Strawberry Sponge - each layer filled with a white Buttercream
The cake standing 7 inches high.

Covered in the palest Blush - embossed with vertical lines - and tiny flowers around and tumbling over the edge.

J's favorite flower placed on top ................... amongst more tiny flowers.

To you my darling graceful daughter in law - may the year ahead be all that you wish for - 
                                                              Love you so dearly.

        Maxine x                     


Sunday, June 1, 2014

CAVESHAM HOUSE - WEDDING - OPEN DAY 2014 Maxine has been invited to exhibit Cakes and small delights at Cavesham House - Swan Valley Wedding Open Day - Sunday July 6th 2014 - 10.00am - 4.00pm

                                 I look forward to speaking and assisting you....................

                                                      Maxine - 0412049329