Thursday, November 18, 2010


YES, its that time of year again when my beautiful MAGNIFICA GARDENIAS begin to peel back their bud casing and flower.

I have three large blue pots leading to my front door - and this year i am thrilled to say i have over 70 green bubs waiting to open.

All year i tend to them - feeding, watering and checking for any bug that might wish to make home amongst the foliage.

The wild Finches are very helpful in disposing of any unwanted pest, whether they have 6 legs or 8

And now - right on cue, they are showing their little faces.....
White when they first open, then turning the old fashioned cream.

Thus the reason for me buying this particular one... not only do i  see the changing colour - but the scent is pure splendor.

Of course i just had to pick some, to bring inside today.
Not only for their beauty and scent - but with temperatures of 39C and above it surely knocks their beauty around.

Its a joy to sit here i my study and look out the window and see them right there - plus in the evening when the windows are open - their scent wafts through to remind me to look up.



Wednesday, November 10, 2010

PEARLS ..... Black and White

How wonderful - i have been asked to make cupcakes for L who  owns a stunning Pearl Shop in my suburb.
The shop is Pearls In The City

It is L's one year annivesary - so one must celebrate with cakes.

Black and White is the theme - to match the ever so elegant decor of  L's Shop.

A mixture of White Cupcakes and Dark Chocolate Mud cupcakes...
Decorated in white - a touch of black with different accents - but all incorporating Pearls in some form.

A Black Birthday Cake - perhaps with tumbling Pearls - and of course - one white canlde.

Delicate little heart shape cookies - again, mostly all white - but a few Black stenciled cookies - to bring the theme together.

Top View


Cookie - Decorated & Stenciled


Friday, November 5, 2010


M phoned and ordered a Bustier Cake for her friends special Birthday.
Wonderful - as i have never made one before.
Red ........... Red and hot Pink.
I tried to picture it - and must admit i was a tad concerned that it might look rather *busy*.

Plus i was excited to use my Silverwood sphere pan again - such a gorgeous little  pan it is.
The cakes come out so round - so perfectly smooth.

It shall be a 5 inch high white chocolate mud cake - torted into 5 layers and each layer filled with a combination of Milk and Dark Chocolate Ganache.

I had a thought that instead of doing *lace* across the top of the bust line i would use small Butterflies instead - to give a 3D effect - as tho a butterfly frill......

The bust area shall be embossed - and then the body part embossed, but using a larger print.

Red and Pink to be incorporated into the Cake Board....hmmmm, this could also look *busy* - think i shall use two cake boards - and decorate each in one block colour.

To ensure i got a lovely smooth finish for the bust area - i poured my ganache over each half sphere little cake.
Such a good idea - it worked like a charm...and the when it came to covering that area with my fondant - it worked beautifully - not a dent - not a pitted mark to be seen.
I was rather chuffed with myself - lolll.

The back of the cake i decorated with red flowers, to give the impression of flowered lace - again, i was happy with this

So, at 6.30 this evening M knocked on the door, as we walked to where the cake was placed we introduced ourselves and  then without warning she let out a *ohhhh my goodness, i love it*...

I must admit, a smile came to my face - as i was concerned re the two bright colours - and hoped that it is what she had expected...............or at least pictured when she first phoned and ordered it.

So, without any further ramblings, i shall post some pictures.

Yes, i am happy with the final creation, and actually quiet like the two colours together...