Friday, August 27, 2010


Moving on from the Mini Chocolate Cake Donuts - i decided to try a Vanilla Bean recipe.
Also added the Queens Vanilla Paste - to give them a little more of a Vanilla kick.
Now this is a fluffy Donut - moist - light and very hard to stop at five, especially when eaten within an hour of being made.

For this batch i made a very pale green icing - using milk instead of water.
Thinned it out more than what one would usually make it - as i didn't want that thick sweet top.
Then sprinkled with little white Non Parrells.

Again - very cute and something different to serve .



Just the word Donut takes me back to my childhood - when on cold rainy days on the way home from our Grandparents - our Parents would detour along the Beach Road near our Home and there - parked  in his usual spot would be the Little Donut Van Man.
Windows fogged over from the heat inside - and the coldness of the air outside his van.
Puffs of steam could be seen from his little sliding window.
Those Donuts were Hot Jam Donuts - covered in Sugar...... and after paying - he would hand the Paper Bag to my Mother and always say -  "carefull now - they are hot"
Running back to the car laughing  as the huge drops of rain fell all around us.
Home in two minutes - a Hot Milo was made for all - and not a word would be heard as we sat.........peering at those huge Jam Donuts in front of us.

Ooooing and arrrring as we savoured every morsal - then with sugar coated lips we would laugh and say.....  wish Winter would last forever.
That was until Summer on the Bay came around and our thoughts turned to icy homemade Lenonade and crunchy Lettuce and Grilled Freshly caught Fish....but thats another post.

Back to the Donuts .....................Yes, that was Winter the Bay.

Cake Donuts - so tiny - two bites and they are gone.

Cake Donuts are not as light a texture as your normal Donut - but make for that *something* different when wishing to put a plate of *something* out to share over a cup of coffee.

I didn't do the traditional icing on top this time - instead i made a Dark Chocolate Ganache and tried to ever so carefuly dip them into it.
One will note a few little smudges here and there  when you see the pictures -

You can see how tiny they are sitting along side the Teaspoon cute.

What i do like, is how the Ganache dries to a lovely sheen.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010


To me.

Pink is... Soft - Gentle - Delicate - and oh so Lady Like.
Q asked for Pink - something soft and pretty.
Flowers - lots of little flowers on the cupcakes and silver Cashous.
Sitting in Mini Silver Cases.

Her favourite Cake?
Dark Chocolate - Dark Chocolate Mud Cake.

Design - something different to the everyday Round or Square.
Perhaps a Heart Shape Cake?
With Embossing?

Perfect ................ Perfect and Pink.

Ever So Pretty In Natural Light.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010


There will be Aubergine Butterflies upon pretty little Cup Cakes...
There will be Black Butterflies upon pretty little Cup Cakes...
There will be White Butterflies upon pretty little Cup Cakes - to match the Wedding Cake.

A Round Wedding Cake - White with gentle Embossing...
White Frangapanis dusted gently with Purple Petal Dust...

Who could have ordered a better day - The Winter Sun so glorious and warming.
Limestone steps  leading to Lawns and crystal water cascading down from high above.

How wonderful of the Bride & her Groom to give me *special moments* from their Wedding Day for me to admire and keep..... such treasured moments indeed.

Her Gown - it fell around her body just beautiful - the softness of it -
Stunningly Beautiful -
The Flowers - white, gentle and so delicate -  

Yes, it was a sheer delight to work with the B&G - such a pleasure to have met them -
and be privvy to their *special moments*..... indeed.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

CHOCOLATE ... For My Sister  

When you have a Sister, ( known as The Beautiful Sister in this Blog ) who is a silent achiever - walks quietly upon this Earth - has the most contagious laugh - treasures her Family & Friends above all else - has known great despair - knows the meaning of *enjoy today for tomorrow may not come* - won't suffer fools -  is the absolute meaning of all things Wife, Mother & Daughter - Compassionate and Brave - then how lucky am i to call her The Beautiful Sister..... for i would love to think that if she were not my younger Sister, then our paths would have crossed anyway and we would have been dear friends.

TBS was turning 50 - and i wondered what i could do from the opposite side of Australia - to help her celebrate the Event  - as she so deserved.

The Beautiful Sister loves Chocolate and what better way to surprise her for her 50th Birthday - than an Evening of all things Chocolate - and Cocktails on the side.

The planning for this Event started back in January - when i suggested to my Partner in crime (The Beautiful Sisters Husband) that i could do this - YES, i can plan an Event Evening from the West Coast and fly everything across with me to their home in the Country over East.
I have *planned, cooked and set up* before - nothing new - only difference is - its all going to be 5000+ Klms away.
One 4.5 hour plane trip - followed by a 2.5 hour wait in the Terminal - and then just another 1.15 hour trip to their home Town...thats only just over 8 hours of travelling...with 3 suitcases and 3 lots of hand luggage.
How hard could it be ..............seriously hard?
My belovered Husand shall be travelling with me -
Sure, we have to walk out onto the Tarmac to catch the Country Flight - sure, not much leg room or excess luggage room - sure, its Winter, it could be pouring - but when we do something for Love - all is possible.
It Shall Be Done...................................yes.

A Theme - we needed a Theme.

An After 5 Chocolate & Cocktails...
After 5 colours - Black & White - everyone has that little something *Black or White* in their wardrobe.
We need a splash of Colour - RED - yes, a splash of Red.
Not *being home* for just on 2 Years - and not seeing TBS's new home they moved into - i thought keeping it all Black & White would surely work with whatever colour scheme she had in her Home.

The Guests -  I know some..........but many don't know me.

TBSs Husband could provide the list of guests...
I could write them out - post from here - and with todays technology, RSVP's could be delivered back to me any number of ways..........perfect.
I don't know alot of them, but i can phone first - introduce myself, tell them the plan, tell them it is a Surprise......tell them to find that little *Black or White Number* they have hidden in their wardrobe, bring it out of the wardrobe, shake it up, dust it off and have it ready for the 17th of July.
Yes, this also can be done...................................yes.

All things Chocolate -  my list of things to make

A Red & White Birthday Cake of course...
Coloured Chocolate Cake Balls...
Rich Dark Chocolate Terrine....
Minted Chocolate Hearts -
White Chocolate & Cream Filled Jelly Cakes -
Personnalised Chocolates ............ (Link Below)
Red Wrapped Hearts -
White Chocolate Mouse -
Dark Chocolate Biscuits - White Hearts - Black Stenciled Floral Patten -
Dark Chocolate Biscuits - Men In Black with White Bow Ties -
Assorted Chocolate Rocky Road -
Another Splash of Red - Vodka Jelly Shots -
Dark Chocolate Mud Cup Cakes filled with Milk Chocolate Ganache -
More Red - Red Velvet Cupcakes -
White Cup Cakes filled with White Chocolate Ganache -
and so on and so and so on.

The Tables,,,,,,where do i start to look?

What am i going to place all this Chocolate in and on?
Platters - will TBS have enought White Platters?
I have Many White Bowls - many White Platters - can i risk sending so much China over East without breakages?...............oh dear.
Think i need to call on the help of  my Mother and TBS's Friends.
I need height to this Chocolate Table -
My belovered Husband and i can make Black Stands - yes, we can do this - we have done it befoe - we can make them so as they can be dissmantled - send over East - and assembled for the Evening.
Glassware - Large Glass Bowls - for the Chocolates to sit in....I can find them - pack securely and have them shipped over East -

Cocktails - These can be ordered on line ...............surely.

Let my Fingers do the walking - Find a Company that not only sells Cocktails online but will ship to a Country desination....Yes, i found one - In NSW......perfect...... (Link below)
Glasses - TBS's Husband must know of somewhere where i can hire Cocktail Glasses from.
Long Tables, yes, i will need long tables to accommodae the Cocktails and Glasses.
Tableclothes - i will need long Black Tableclothes.
Servingware - how am i going to serve these cocktails - will TBS have enough large bowls?
Might the Mother be able to help me out here - might some of TBS's friends?
Can't risk it - will find what i need here and have them sent to my Parents home.

Flowers - every Birthday Lady needs Flowers.

White ............ of course.
White makes a statement
White says - uncluttered - clean - stunning - fresh - elegant.
White Flowers it shall be.
TBS's Friend who now lives in another State will know just the place for me to order Flowers from................................. perfect.
This Friend is someone who loves and appreciates beautiful flowers and plants of all kinds.
Its Winter - what Flowers will be available?
Bulbs - yes of course - Bulb Flowers - how perfect.
TBS just loves all Bulb Flowers....they are so precious and in bloom for such a short time - but ohhhh, what a show they make.............TULIPS..... they shall be White Tulips - not readily available in the Country - will make sure these can be ordered ahead of time.

Another large Vase - for her Lounge Room - yes, something that says Regel.
Oriental Lilliams - of course - they are White - have the most divine scent - and again will make a statement...,standing tall and elegant.
A scent that will drift throughout during the Evening.

And so it began - 6 Months of planning - making - baking - booking Air Fares - gathering guests Names and postal details - phonecalls  between the Mother and myself - ordering Glassware - ordering Personnalised little Chocolates - searching for Cocktails - finding just the right Black and White Invitations - designing a Birthday Cake - finding just the right floral stencil for the biscuits - finding Black & White Straws for the Cocktails - finding Black & White drink Napkins - finding XL long  Black Tableclothes - odering Black & White goodie Bags for the guests to take a little *something* Chocolate home in - making White large magnolia type flowers for the top of the White Cupcakes - making White Butterflies for other Cupcakes - find large glass glasses for the chocolates to sit lids,  wide open neck glass containers i want - find and buy the materials to start making and painting the Black Stands for the table - phonecalls to TBS's friends, so as to track down large White Platters - finding suitable Red Napkins for the Chocolate Table - not cheap hard and scratchy ones, but soft to the touch , that won't stain any Ladies *white* clothing -  buy Jelly Shot Galsses - Mini White Teaspoons - Red Chocolate from the States to cover the Cake Balls - Minted White Chocolate from the States, to cover the other Cake Balls - Black Doillies - check to see if i have enough Red Cupcases - enough Black ones and White also - Order Black & White stripe ones - think and order what style glasses i will need for the cocktails - choose Cocktail flavours - order Cocktails - find and order Black & White paper Lantens to hang above Chocolate carry the theme above the actual Table -
Find something Black & White to wear myself - Black Stillethos, ohhh yes, those i have - Take the belovereds Black Suit to the Dry Cleaners - Order enough Red, Black & White Regalice for cakes and cupcakes - Liquere Chocolate, must organise those also - when looking for XL Long/Wide White Tableclothes becames impossible , asked the Mother to make them .. what a beautiful job she did - every stitch so straight .. every corner so sharp .. pressed so crisp - asking TBS's friends if i could borrow someones KA so as to make everything..they said yes, how wondeful of them - Buy, Paint and put together a *name* plate for the Table - Balloons, we need large balloons, in White, Black & Red.

I must Thank my BIL - who alhto my Partner in Crime was wonderful in helping me plan this - THANKYOU xx

My Two Nephews - thankyou for keeping the Party a secret - xx

To Libby - Melinda - Kay and all TBS's friends who helped me once i arrived.

My Husband - thankyou for picking me up when i gota bit frazzled - xx 


TBS did look beautiful - and ever so radiant on her 50th Birthday.

We laughed - we giggled - and then we laughed some more
and at the end of my Birthday speech in honour of her - i said -
because its

Love you more .... xx



The Wonderfully Talented Anna Cutbush -


Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Finally, i have decided to walk through the Entry of all things Blog.

My sheer enjoyment of buying, prepping and cooking has bought me here.
From the smallest of Jellycakes to 9 inch high cakes.

Why Many White Bowls ??
I love White Bowls - White Platters
One can never have too many
Whether informal or formal - one can dress a bowl or platter up with every coloured food that exsists.

Coloured Cakes - Colours that makes one smile, makes one feel at peace and ease.
We all have our *own* colour/s that we gravitate towards when we see it, whether it be fresh flowers, shoes or delightful cupcakes sitting in a row.

My colour/s?
All Hues of Blue and White.
These two colours make me feel uncluttered - in all aspects of my home and life

Yet to produce a brightly coloured cake for someone, makes me step back and appreciate all the colours of a Rainbow - and then some.