Sunday, August 28, 2011

IVORY AND PINK ...............

Lyn was having a special Birthday - family and friends knew - but what Lyn didn't know was that her lovely Daughter Reyenna and i had met to discuss exactly what her Birthday Cake would look like -
Yes, this was to be a surprise Birthday Party at one of Perth's finest Restaurants.... Fraser's Restaurant......... set high above Perth in Kings Park.

Nothing could be more wonderful for Lyn - Her Family seated with her at the beautiful long table adorned with pretty flowers and gorgeous little candles....

So i was thrilled to design such a Cake for my Friend....
Soft and Pretty ............ so very Lyn .... for she is very soft and pretty.

As early evening turned to nighttime i thought how wonderful a time Lyn would be having surrounded by those she loves...

An Ivory Cake with large pastel pink flowers  sitting on top of the Cake - with smaller flowers tumbling down the side.
A plague with an embossed *L* sitting in amongst the little flowers.

Nine Cupcakes -
Four with Flowers and Five with Butterflies to be placed at each guests place setting.
Every box tied with a rose coloured ribbon.

My gift to Lyn....Designer Chocolates - each one with her Name and a Birthday Wish on the back...

Yes, it was indeed such a pleasure to design, make and deliver the Cake and Cupcakes for my Friend.

Early the following morning i received such a lovely phone call thanking me for what i had created - we laughed  at how her Birthday Cake/s eventuated - and as i said above - it was indeed my pleasure.

Photos by Candlelight - at the Restaurant.

Designer Chocolates

A Year of happiness and many treasured moments Lyn Birthday wish to you.

Maxine xx

Monday, August 22, 2011


What an absolute joy meeting with Anna and Sophie. They came to discuss Sophie's upcoming 10th Birthday.
An Afternoon Tea, after school for Sophie and her friends.
After speaking with Sophie for a few minutes i learnt that she loved all Animals and Birds.
So a Cake with Birds, Butterflies .....and Silver Dragonflies

There shall be a Birthday Cake -
Chocolate Mud with Cherry Ripe dotted throughout with a Cherry Ripe Ganache, filling all six layers.
A Mauve Cake with Purple Flowers and Purple little Sophie loves the colour Purple.

Cupcakes - Vanilla with a milk chocolate ganache filling - topped with little Mint Green Lids and Purple Flowers ...sitting in little clear cake boxes...tied with Purple ribbon and a Thank you tag.... to hand to each of her guests as they leave.

Jelly Cakes - filled with Vanilla Cream and dusted with Coconut.

Dark Chocolate Ganache Tarts - with Mauve Non Parells sprinkled on top.

Purple Chocolates - in Purple  Mini Cases - with a little Mint Butterfly sitting on top.

Mint Chocolate Buttons - in little White Cases with a little Purple Butterfly resting on the edge.

Swirled Mint Green Meringues.......
Swirled Mauve Meringues.

Jelly Cups - with tall White Spoons.

Mint Green embossed Butterfly Cookies.

Pretty Mauve wrapped Chocolates..... with Silver Dragonflies.

Little Embossed Bird Vanilla Cookies - in Cellophane Bags - again, with pretty Mauve tops and a Silver Butterfly on each - for Sophie to hand to her guests as a Thank you gift.

Mini Chicken Quiches...with a hint of Curry.

Mini Herb and Cheese mini Purple Cases. 

Sophie's Grandmother made gorgeous little Marshmallow and Cookie cup and saucer treats and Sausage Rolls for the party.

Out under a vibrant blue sky surrounded by her friends and family - Sophie had a beautiful afternoon in which to celebrate her 10th Birthday.

The Cake

The Cupcakes

Mint Green Meringues

Designer Chocolates

Purple Chocolate Cups

Vanilla - Little Bird Cookies

Jelly Cakes with Vanilla Cream

Green Chocolate Buttons in little White Cups

Mint Green Butterfly Cookies

Dark Chcoolate Tarts with Mauve Non Parells.

Milk Chocolate dipped Strawberries

Herb and Cheese MMini Muffins in Purple Cases

And what party would be complete without a big Purple Balloon...

My gift to Sophie.

Many Purple Birthday Wishes to you Sophie....
Thank you Anna


Friday, August 5, 2011


A White Vanilla Cake filled with a mixed Berry and White Chocolate Ganache.

Standing 7 inches tall so as to give height to the Tumbling Flowers.... and added effect for the floating Butterfly on a curled wire.

White Vanilla Cup Cakes with little  standingTea Pots were just perfect for the Sunday Afternoon Tea for Julie, her Family and Friends.
Along with pretty floral Cup Cakes sitting on embossed lids

Lightly Lemon scented and Pastel Lemon in colour swirled Meringues.

Tea Pot shaped Vanilla Cookies embossed with the letter *J* sat amongst the little flowers.

The Setting up of the Afternoon Tea Table