Wednesday, September 18, 2013



                  Swoon Soiree - @ Laurelville Manor. Maxine is delighted to advise that this Sunday the 22nd September 2013 i shall have my display at Laurelville Manor - York.
All details may be found here -


Show casing Display Cakes -  some of my Cake Stands.. which one may hire - Mini Cupcakes .... and  a little gift bag containing all of my contact details..

I look forward to meeting and speaking with you on the day - whether it be to discuss your Bridal Shower - Engagement - Wedding or another delightful occasion where one of my Cakes and/or small treats would suit your event.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013


89 Varying shades of Viridian Flowers for Linda - on her Birthday... a Lady who is surrounded by beautiful fresh Flowers every day.

Mini butterflies dotted here and there amongst the flowers....covered the White Chocolate Mud and Custard Cake

The 6 inch high cake was torted into 6 layers - each layer being filled with White Chocolate Ganache.

The cake board was covered in a viridian shade of Fondant also....   

                                               The beginning = The Cake Board

The Cake...

                                               ..........Under the huge Glass Cloche.

Sitting pretty on a Tall thin stemmed Glass Cake Stand.

Happiness every day Linda - is what we wish for you....

M & M xx