Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Today was a "no cake baking day" so i thought i would perhaps make some Mint Green Peppermint Flavoured Meringues................ and even some with chocolate hidden inside of them

After whisking the egg whites until frothy - then adding the vinegar - and then adding the castor sugar ever so slowly - i decided to add a few drops of Peppermint Oil and a few drops of Green Gel - just enough to give me that ever so soft pastel green colour that suits the softness of Meringues.

Some i piped and others i spooned onto the paper lined baking trays.
Turning the oven off - i left the trays sit for roughly 90 minutes - until they sounded hollow when tapped on their dainty little bottoms.

Hmmm, how sweet it was to open that oven door and smell the gentle aroma of Peppermint.

Tomorrow it is back to business - but for today - it was lovely to make something that i hadn't made for a long time.........................................just for the fun of it.

Meringues and Fairies - something about the two of them just go together perfectly.....

Mint Meringues with Chocolate.....spooned onto baking tray.

Chocolate hiding inside...

Together... piped and spooned.

And of course - a little gift each for Chelsea and Sophie.

Yes......... Mint Green - Chocolate - Hydrangea's and Fairies ............
so perfectly matched.


Sunday, March 20, 2011


Last Saturday i made Astrid a Bustier Cake for her Bridal Shower - and this weekend i had the pleasure of making the Wedding Cake for her and Simon.

The Sun was still warm as it made its slow decent over the Indian Ocean.

Small white caps splashing against the sand all the way along the beautiful Coastline.
Yes, a wonderful day for a Wedding and a perfect setting for the Reception.

6 layers of dark Chocolate Mud Cake - each layer torted and filled with Chocolate Ganache.
Pastel Lime Green - with Pearls dotted here and there.
The Black Ribbon -  around the base of  the cake- which Simon and Astrid used on their Invitations.
And Diamante letters - S and A - together amongst the pearls.

Green Roses in round bowl vases on every table looking every so fresh and pretty.
Pure white Oriental Lilliams running along the Bridal Table - with white Singaporean Orchids, to co-ordinate with the crisp white chair covers and pale green bows.

White Lanterns - swaying in the gentle afternoon breeze - both inside and out.

Yes, as the Sun sets tonight and the lights in the Lanterns glow even brighter - it shall indeed be a wonderful place to celebrate the Marriage of Simon an Astrid - as the Indian Ocean rolls in to end another beautiful day along the West Australian Coastline.

Sun Set Over The Indian Ocean

Many White Lanterns.

The Flowers

The Tables

The Ribbon

The Cake Knife and Server

Simon & Astrid
Wishing you a life time of happiness and many beautiful sun sets.

The Venue was Presented by - http://www.flamingosurprise.com.au/ 



Sunday, March 13, 2011



Today i delivered this pretty Birthday Cake...

Eight friends where invited to help make today a very happy day.

A cake - something in soft hues - perhaps Mint Green and Lilac - such pretty colours together - very soft and very chic....yes, pastels.

A tall cake with fairies - fairies under a tree - as tho sitting in the garden ...(as fairies do)
The tree i shall make the same colour as the cake - and add jade glitter - giving the tree some sparkle.

And so that is the cake i created.
The base of the cake shall have hundreds of tiny flowers  - depicting trees in the Forrest.
A few pretty Lilac houseflies - again - as that is here you find butterflies - in the Forrest and in a garden.    Little stars on green wires - again, depicting a fairies wand and stars in the early evening sky.

To sit along side the Cake there was also...

Fruits of the Forrest Lilac Marshmallow - in the shapes of Hearts
Delicious recipe .....
compliments of   http://kitchensimplicity.com/barcelona-hot-chocolate-with-strawberry-marshmallows/

Grape Jelly Cakes - filled with Vanilla cream and a touch of Fruits of the Forrest jam added.

White Mud Cake Cake Truffles - dipped in mauve chocolate  - then a little mint green butterfly i attached...............ever so girlie

Grape Jelly Cups

And - Vanilla Bean Cupcake shaped Cookies - again decorated in Mint Green with a little Mauve Butterfly attached....wrapped in little cellophane bags with a mauve ribbon.

Grape Jellies

Mint and Lilac Cup Cake Cookies.

Cake Truffles

Fruits of the Forrest Marshmallows

Grape Jelly Cakes  with Vanilla Bean Cream

May we always have Fairies in our lives.





Saturday, March 12, 2011


Jane phoned, asking if i could possibly have time this week to make a Bustier Cake for her Daughter In Law to be - Astrid.

Astrid was having her Bridal Shower this afternoon, and as a surprise Jan thought it would be lovely for Astrid to have a cake.

Indeed i replied - only to happy to oblige.
We discussed design and i thought perhaps i could make it in the same colour that Astrid has chosen for the Wedding Cake ..........next weekend.

For the trim, i decided to do a lace effect - in a darker shade of the Patel Lime Green- and for the bodice of the cake, emboss with a butterfly.

And for a personal touch.... a small *a* on the cake board.

Heart Shape Cookies - incorporating the two Greens, as a "thank you" gift to each Guest
Also incorporating the lace trim as embossing on the  Cookies - and an alternative coloured Butterfly sitting atop each Cookie.
Placed in Cellophane bags - with a white card top and trimmed with Butterflies.

Midday arrived and Jane drove up the driveway.
After "hellos and lovely to see you again" we walked to where the cake was sitting.
Ohhhh, its wonderful and with that i smiled graciously...and thanked Jane for the kind comment.

We said our goodbyes shortly afterwards and i wished Jane safe travels as she headed off to meet with Astrid and surprise her with her Cake.

Jane - such a warm and friendly lady - and her love of Astrid shines through, whenever she mentions her name.

The Back

The Cookies

Hoping  you had a lovely afternoon Astrid.