Friday, October 26, 2012



White flowers in  white jugs and glass vases ........... crisp white linen ......... white cushions on pretty white Tiffany chairs....... all looking so fresh amongst the pastel blue and mint green crockery.... with the vintage silver dessert forks and teaspoons.

Yes, this was the theme for the Bridal Shower i hosted ....for my future Daughter in Law.
36 Ladies in pretty dress's and colourful jackets  came to share in the day and give their best wishes to my future DIL....

                                                           Roses - Freesias and Tulips

Guests were asked to write their best wishes in the Guest Book... using the pretty Peony Pen.

In loving memory of my future DI L's Mother ...guests were offered the chance to contribute to the Tupperware Wishing Well.... something so dear to her heart...

Tall White Candle sticks.... white frames and a pretty white Lace Parasol .. sat alongside the Ivory Birdcages...

One of the Bridal Shower Games i designed and typed up - on soft blue paper -  with French Lilac text....rolled up with a white ribbon...... Memento's for Janelle to keep in an Album.

Chocolates - wrapped in pretty designer french blue and white paper... finished off with a white bow.... for each of the guests...

White gift bags for each of the Guests......

We sat upon White Tiffany Chairs with soft white cushions....

We drank Tea from Vintage Cups...with gorgeous Vintage Teaspoons....

Mini Butterfly Cupcakes in pretty cups....

My little Silver Tongs sat on little white dishes... filled with white sugar cubes - and pastel sugar hearts....alongside scented white candles.


White and Pastel Colours....

Petite Pastel Cupcakes.....

We ate....

Salmon and Dill Sandwiches
Chicken and Avocado Sandwiches
Fig and Brie Tattletales
Bite size Pumpkin Risotto squares
Mini Salmon and Prawn Quiches
Mini Tomato and Olive Quiches
Mini Avocado Sushi

Chocolate Tattletale Shells filled with Chocolate Gan ache - with Dark Chocolate Shavings.
Lime Cheesecake Tartlettes with Vanilla Pashmak on top
Strawberries dipped  in  Chocolate
White Chocolate Mousse in mini white dishes
Rose Water Jelly in mini glasses
Wrapped Champagne  truffles
Baci Chocolates
Berry flavoured Jelly Cakes with Berry Cream
 Rose Water Turkish Delight
Mini Filo Tartlettes filled with Lemon Curd and piped cream on top
Mini Filo Tartlettes filled with Lemon Curd  with piped whipped cream on top

We drank....

Mixed  Berry Champagne Punch
Wedgwood  Premium Tea
Berry Bud Tea
Vanilla Tea.

Thank you to the ladies at Flowers in the Garden and Chelsea at Charming Chairs...
The flowers were so fresh and delightful - the Chairs were so White and comfy.


White Tiffany Chairs,,,,

                     Four White helium Balloons hung suspended from behind the Dessert Table.

                                     And so the joy of having a beautiful Daughter In Law begins.....
                                                                         How Wonderful..........   x



Sunday, October 21, 2012



Delighted to receive a phone call from  a dear customer - Jane.
Yes, Jane is soon to become a Grandmother........ to a dear little Girl. ... how Wonderful - how very exciting.

Something Soft and pretty ..... with Clouds - Fairies and tiny little Flowers..

In ever so soft Pink and Pastel Green.  Fairies of Pink - and White Clouds dusted with pastel green.  And of course,  a little Fairy must sit at the bottom of the Cake Stand ... to watch over the Faries do.

A 7 inch Round x 6 inches High  Chocolate Mud Cake - with Milk Chocolate Ganache in between each of the six layers ...............then covered in a Dark Chocolate Ganache.

                              Such a pleasure to create -  for such an exciting and joyful time...
                              Photo memories for you Jane  - and your Family.

" baby "

Fairies at play - on top of Cake.

The Cake.....

Two little Fairies hiding on the back of the Cake...

Fairy sitting on base of Cake Stand.....

Jane - Thank you again for being such a Wonderful Customer....
Always a pleasure to create for you.

Many blessed moments.. when you new little one comes home

Maxine xx