Monday, July 23, 2012



Sunday the 22nd July 2012 was the date for M's Fashion Show & Afternoon Tea... to be held in her ever so chic Boutique - MUNROS- - in the Millstream Arcade - Mends Street - South Perth.

Ladies were invited to join M from 2pm - 4pm... but as with any enjoyable Sunday Afternoon - who could dare leave at 4pm.

Tables with crisp white cloths - dainty rose bowl vases with white flowers saw the Boutique looking so fresh and inviting....for such a day.....Glasses of bubbling Champagne met us on arrival -  and an Introduction explaining the days events by the lovely M.

Models walked amongst the tables - showcasing what new lines M presented - all so very stylish - splashes of colour ranging from Taupe's - Apricots through to your Blues, Purples and Reds.

M asked me to cater for the afternoon occasion -- and with that request. i started planning what small eats both savoury and sweet i would make and what colour theme would best suit M's Boutique. ........Deciding on Ivory - Chocolate and a touch of Lime Green  the photos below show what creations i made.

A 6 inch round x 6 inch high Ivory covered cake - ivory drapes and a large Lime Green single flower - surrounded by Chocolate Leaves.
A small plague with the letter M sitting to the side.

My mini sponge cupcakes - filled with a milk chocolate Ganache - Embossed lids and topped with an assortment of Ivory - Chocolate and Lime Green Flowers. All sitting in gorgeous little laser cut Cupcake Wrappers.

Larger Chocolate Flowers.

Vintage wrapped Chocolates - two styles of paper - Euro Stamped and Patterned paper - with cutting and sewing instructions - how appropriate i thought.

Mini Dark Chocolate Tarts filled with a Dark Chocolate Morello Cherry  filling - topped with a Morello Cherry.

Sitting in precious little pots I created  a Berry, Apple and Rhubarb Compote - allowed it to cool them made it into a Jelly - witch i poured over set Creamy Cheesecake - Topped a dainty little wooden spoon of each and served.

Mini Port Wine Jelly Cakes - filled with a Vanilla Bean Cream.

Using my home made Lime Marmalade - i added this to my Cheesecake mixture - piped into tiny Filo Cases and topped with Chocolate Pashmak Floss. The tang and zest of the Lime matched perfectly with the melt in your mouth Chocolate Floss.

My Dark Chocolate Thins - these cookies were decorated with White embossed tops with one of my mini flowers.


Thank you to M for creating this day - and allowing me to be part of it.
Praise to M's daughter Maddison & Son Eden and Emma  - who  worked behind the scenes making M's day every bit enjoyable and relaxed.

Here the focus is on a select range of gorgeous pieces. There is a little bit for everyone and always something special that seems like it was designed just for you. Wander on in to Munro's for a browse and we promise you won't be disappointed with the range you find waiting for your arrival.
Come in and check out Mela Purdie, Sao Paulo, Nueva, Robert Robert Shoes, Bleu Blanc Rouge, The Ark, Out of Xile, Cannisse, Carlopik plus many more!
For more information visit Munro's Boutique Cafe in store, or contact them on  9367 5303.



Sunday, July 22, 2012

BRIDAL SHOW @ Sitella Winery


On Sunday the 8th of July i along with other vendors, had the enjoyable pleasure of setting up a table showcasing my Creations....for the annual Swan Valley Bridal Day.

A rather crisp and chilly start greeted us,  as we drove through the Swan Valley -  yet never to be disappointed with what each Season brings on this particular drive , it was a silent pleasure sitting in a warm car looking out across the bare vineyards ... paddocks and further on to the Range. 

On arriving i met with Eve - Sitella's Manageress - what  a gem of a Lady.
Honestly - nothing is too much trouble for this Lady -  and her eye for detail is second to none.
One feels totally relaxed as Eve with her beautiful manner walks you through the where's and how's of the day ahead.
With crisp white table cloths laid out, i set too placing my Creations and table decorations om place...

My creations for the day were.....

A Two Tier Cake with wide alternating white and ivory stripes - a plague and flowers. Each tier standing 6 inches tall - all set on an ivory cake board....edged with an ivory ribbon.
The bottom tier  being 2 x 3 inch tiers would feed 130 guests - served coffee style portion
The top tier being 2 x 3 inch  tiers would feed 80 guests - served coffee style portions
In total =210 portions 

A Two Tier  Perriwinkle and Wedgewood Cake - with touches of lilac through the leaves and dusted on the larger flowers.  A pretty cake showing that one doesn't always have to have a white or ivory cake as a wedding cake.
Standing 10 inches in height and 10 inches round - consisting of 3 layers.
This cake would feed 190 - 200 guests - served as coffee style protions.

An assortment of Mini Cupcakes ...sitting in gorgeous little wrappers.
Ivory lids with Wedgwood flowers -  Pastel Pink Flowers - Mint Green Flowers - Lemon Flowers Warm Brown Flowers and Ivory Flowers.

I had the opportunity to use four delightful little Clouches - which suit these little creations perfectly.

Butterfly on top of White & Ivory Wedding Cake...

Again i would like to take a moment to thank Eve for her wonderful organising skills - and attention and care shown to all vendors on the day ...the day was a huge success due to all that you did and your ever so friendly Staff - Thankyou.  ..................  Sitella Winery, such a perfect setting for that Special Day...