Friday, May 11, 2012



Just over a week ago, i had the joy and excitement of travelling to Melbourne to deliver a very special Cake....    Yes, my dear friend Marjorie asked me to make her beautiful Daughters Wedding Cake.....and so the preperation began....

The fruit soaking in Brandy (for 9 weeks) was ready to be baked into the two tiers required.

After letting the cakes mature for 5 weeks - both tiers were then covered in Ivory Fondant.

Flowers for the top tier were made - and carefully placed - securing with sugar glue as i knew they would be safe for the plane trip ahead.
Tiers were stacked and final decorations were put in place once the Cake and i were in Melbourne -

Victoria & Graemes Reception was held at the Provincal Hotel - upstairs in the Salon Room... just outside of Melbourne CBD....a function room described as.... ornate, old world and Parisienne in style.

After delivering the Cake, i stepped back and looked around - such pretty flowers adorned the room - an old world charm with warmth and gentleness i thought....lovely polished wooden floors and huge mirrors which gave the room such an air of grace.... and again - that ornate appeal.

Below i have posted photos from the "starting to decorate the cake - through to photos of the reception room"...and all its charm.

Whilst beginning to decorate the top tier - the sunlight caught a crystal i have hanging and i couldn't resist but take pohotos of how the beautiful roses changed colour with every flutter of the prisims....

The Wedding Cake

The Edge of the Cake Stand

The Reception

A spcial Thank You to the Qantas Air Staff -
How marvellous they were - securing my Cake Couriers in their private lockers - Not an inch did they move - wonderfully snug they were.  

Thank you so much for entrusting me to make and deliver Victoria & Graemes Cake - some 5000Klm away..................It was indeed a joy.

Victoria & Graeme....
Wishing you every happiness -  and a life of many joys.

And to my Husband  -
without you by my side i would have needed another 3 arms - Thank you  for helping me with the luggage - yes, it was indeed, wonderful to be back in Melbourne -

The City that never Sleeps.

Maxine x