Thursday, December 22, 2011


A few weeks ago i was asked to participate in an Artisan Christmas Fair...
Cakes and Biscuits with a Christmas theme.

So i set too thinking amidst other orders as to what colour theme i would go with - traditional Red, Green and White or something different.....hmmmmmmmmm.... would people/customers expect traditional or be surprised by perhaps a Winter Theme, considering our hot festive Season ?

Winter it shall be - i decided.

So i made my Mini Brandy Fruit Cakes -  with their 13 ingrediants - a jolly good splash  - make that 3 good splashes of Brandy - a few drops of lemon juice and then a mixture of Christmas spices.

Allowing them to mature for a few weeks -  i set too and decorated....

The Christmas Biscuits were a Honey and Orange Zest recipe - again adding a few Christmas spices.
Decorated in white...... and snowflakes for that *winter* touch.
Popped into cellophane bags and tiered with white ribbons.

The Fair was a wonderful success - and i was more than happy with the response from my customers...... yes, the Winter theme of pale blue and white snowflakes was a great choice.

I just love how i turned the wooden tree i bought from Infancy into a wooden Christmas tree  - available at -  it added that Christmas touch - with the clear baubles encased around the pale blue and white ribbons.
I also made pale blue fondant snowflakes and adhered them using sugar glue.

My 5 designs

White Christmas Biscuits

My Stall

Thank you to Christine Silbert for asking me to participate -
It was a great joy.


Thank you to Victoria @ Infancy - you are what Customer Service is all about -
an absolute pleasure doing business with you.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011


What a beautiful day - Bright blue skies and a gentle breeze - yes, the perfect setting for a Spring Wedding.
Nestled amongst the beautiful landscaped gardens of Cavesham House in the Swan Valley, was the ever so pretty Wedding Reception for Odette and Trent.
White drapes and white curtains formed the backdrop under the large white Marquee..... pretty ribbons hung from the back of every chair displaying the guests name  printed on a white tag.

Peonies in tall vases and tall white candles sat amongst the polished silverware and crystal glasses. Whilst high above hung the chanderlies

Yes, every thing looked so Spring - so soft and picture perfect.

The Cake - standing 22 inches high......sat apon my 22 inch round silver cake stand.

The Top Tier  -  A Gluten Free Chocolate Cake torted and filled with a Chocolate Ganache.

The Second Tier - Dark Chocolate Morello Cherry torted and filled with a  Dark Chocolate Ganache.

Bottom Tier - White Xhocolate  torted and filled with Milk Chocolate Ganache


A Beautiful Reception on such a beautiful day....

Odette & Trent - such a delight to have worked with you -
To Your Mother and Chloe - such a pleasure to have met you both.

Wishing you every Happiness...