Tuesday, January 15, 2013


The beautiful Phoebe was turning 18....
Such a special date - such a special occasion.

Something in the colour of Veridian with a White Bow,  and threads of Bling, attached to the ribbons of the Bow.
Something different to the traditional *present cake* one usually see's  - yes, a Tall Cake -  a Chocolate Mud Cake with a Caramel Milk Ganahce filling in between each of the 6 layers....is what Phoebe chose.

A 7 inch Round Cake - standing 7 inches tall.

Dainty Butterflies dotted here and there  - and a plague with an embossed 18 sitting to the side of the Cake.

For something completely different i decided to edge the base of the Cake with a thread of Bling also - and instead of the traditional ribbon around the edge of the Cake board - i added another thread of Bling.
It did glimmer in the light and i must say - Veridian and threads of Bling work/look beautifully together.
The Birthday Cake - sitting high on my crystal stand - which again worked well with the Bling - reflecting more light.

Mini Cupcakes accompanied the Birthday Cake.... sitting in little clear boxes - tied with white ribbon and finer threads of Bling... to tie in with the theme... as well as the little cupcakes,  sitting on the White Cake stand -

On arrival, to deliver the creation, one could tell that a great deal of planning had gone into this special occasion.... beautifully placed pots of gorgeous colour greeted all at the front entry - as did Phoebe who looked stunning and radiant,  as she waited for her guests to arrive.

                                                         Around the base of the cake.

Around the base of cake AND cake board

Part of the Bow...with threads of Bling

Butterfly resting on Bow

The Cake

The boxed Cupcakes

Mini Cupcake under Cloche

Mini Cupcakes in Lace Wrappers

Thank you Sue - it was indeed a pleasure to have met you and your Family

Many happy returns Phoebie



Reyenna asked that i create some pretty Cupcakes for a special occasion

Six Pink and six Blue... for the surprise Baby Shower she was hosting.
Twelve assorted Cupcakes to sit on my mirrored cake stands. which i decided to decorate - to add a gentle touch to the overall presentation.

Pink flowers around the edge of the cake stand displaying the pink Cupcakes - and -
Blue flowers and a little white bird around the edge of the cake stand displaying the blue Cupcakes

My Rosewater Sponge Cupcakes i made - filled with a soft Milk Ganache - then decorated.

                               Each Cupcakes sitting in a pretty Lace Cupcake Wrapper.

My gorgeous little Metal French Blue Cupcake Stand with Decorative Roses.
This stand comes with a Glass Cloche

Yes, pretty Cupcakes that would be just as pretty in any colour - for any special occasion.....


Monday, January 14, 2013


Miss S and Mr S chose a Friday Wedding.... the ceremony, set amongst the Vineyards of the Swan Valley.

The Reception ... at the Family home - nestled between the tall trees and refreshing sea breeze.

The white curtains and topiary trees lined the entrance for the Bride and Groom to arrive...... leading them to the large white Marquette. Chandeliers hanging gracefully from ahigh.  Delicate iron candle urns spaced evenly around the edges of the garden.  It was an entrance so beautifully set for a Wedding.

Tall Tables covered in white cloths - white chairs for the guests finished off with black bows - and the gorgeous white leather Lounge at the bottom of garden completed the white theme.

Glasses ready to be filled with Champagne, and ever so nourish and beautifully arranged food ... all ready for when the guests arrived...... and a huge checkered dance floor,  for all to enjoy late into the evening.

The Cake......
Standing 3 Tiers high - each tier being 6 inches tall, sat upon the large Silver Plateau Cake Stand.
Miss S had chosen the colours of Periwinkle and Pink - to sit against the White Wedding Cake.
Each Flower to be dusted with the hues of Hydrangeas.

The Bottom tier being a 10 inch round White Chocolate Mud Cake with a Fresh Blueberry

Milk Chocolate Ganache.

The Middle tier being a 8 inch Round Dark Chocolate Mud Cake with a fresh Raspberry Milk Chocolate Ganache

And the Top tier being a Brandied Fruit Cake.... sitting pretty, again decorated in the Periwinkle and Pink - dusted with hues of Hydrangea

Little Birds and Butterflies dotted here and there, sitting amongst the Flowers... to complete the design Miss S had chosen.

                                                                 THE WEDDING CAKE





Whisng you both every happiness ...  as you begin your new life together

Thank you for your ever so kind words regaqrding my Cake Creation...
It was a delight to work with you and work with such pretty colours.