Monday, June 20, 2011


This past weekend i had the joy of having a Cake displayed at a Bridal Show - here in Perth.

The Cake was constructed using ....
A 6 inch Round x 3 inch high dummy/polystyrene base - and -
A  6 inch Round x 14 inch high dummy/polystyrene - angled - column shaped top.
Sitting on an Ivory covered Round Board with a cross grain ribbon  - so as to match the vertical lines on the cake.
The Base was covered in Ivory Fondant - then embossed to give an all round impression of straight vertical lines.
Using a 5 Petal Blossom Cutter to first get the shape of the flower - i then used a Flower Former to complete the final look of the flowers....Again in Ivory.

The 14 inch Tall column structure of the Cake was also covered in Ivory Fondant - and left plain to accommodate the White Leaves and White Flowers - which were very carefully attached to the Cake. 

Some anxious moments as each Leaf and Flower was guided into place - stepping back after each one was put in place (as you do) to make sure the aesthetics were correct.   

And yes, my signature Butterfly sat on top - left of centre.  (insert smile)

Yes, i thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of designing and creating this cake - and would love to re-create it into a *real* Wedding Cake one day...

The Base and Ivory Flower Boarder.

Half way up

Flowers and Leaves

The Butterfly

The Cake.

What i did enjoy most about creating this cake - was the fact that it had no front or back - which meant it was different from every angle - something i do when designing and creating my cakes ...... unless otherwise requested.