Tuesday, February 15, 2011


The reception was set against the beautiful waters of Freshwater Bay Yacht Club.... with clear skies, sparkling water and every type of boat imaginable ...tall masks swaying in the gentle breeze....................Yes, it was a glorious day for a Wedding.

Varying shades of Coral and Ivory is what Katherine requested - pretty cupcakes - shabby chic style....flowers and butterflies sitting atop White Cakes - in white cases -  with ivory embossed  tops.........very shabby chic.
Gentle and ever so feminine - to suit Katherine

The reception  room was set out beautifully - white table clothes with white chair covers and pretty Ivory bows - bowls of ever so pretty flowers adorned ever table.
And large white vases filled with European Lilliams as one walked through the door.



The room itself,  draped in flowing white curtains....giving an ambiance of softness and gentleness.

Indeed, a room for such an occasion....  Katherine & Cameron's Wedding Breakfast.

Thank you Katherine & Cameron for allowing me to be part of your Special Day.
Every Happiness is wished to you both, as you begin your new life together.



Sunday, February 13, 2011


I smiled as i heard a little girl's voice fill with delight after I pressed the bell to announce that i had arrived, to deliver the Mermaid cake and other small pink treats.
Yes, today Morgan was having her Pool Party to celebrate her turning 6.

And a perfect summers day it was - for such a party.

There she was - dressed in her pretty blue bathers and a sparkling tiara....with her older sister standing along side her - both with beaming smiles.

Yes, i had created a soft pretty cake to go with such an occasion....

Pastel pinks and whites.... A Mermaid themed cake, with shimmering pearls.
Around the base of the cake I had placed two layers of fondant - depicting waves... for the seahorses, starfish and shells to sit against.
The cake sat upon a white square stand - again, with pink waves in keeping with the theme - and Morgan's name...with 6 pearls ....one for each of her years.

Six tall pink candles standing behind the Mermaid, dipicting sea grass.

A platter of pink cake truffles - in little white cases - with a flower on each one.

Ever so pastel pink vanilla bean cookies in the shape of cupcakes - again with a little flower on each one.

And Creamy Soda jelly cups - such a pretty pink in the sunlight.

I handed Morgan a little clear box with a pink ribbon tied around it - containing 4 of the little cupcake cookies...as i wished her a very Happy Day.

Cake Truffles

Vanilla Bean Cupcake Cookies.

Creamy Soda Jelly Cups

Birthday Cake and Pink Treats.

Morgans Boxed Cookies.

Hoping you had a very happy day Morgan.


Sunday, February 6, 2011


There was a special appeal about Margaret, as we sat and discussed the White Wedding Cake for her Son and future Daughter In Law. You could sense not only the excitement but the joy as the Wedding Day approached.
Such a treat to see a Mother so organised - and enjoying all there was leading up to the big day.

Margaret spoke of how the flowers would be all white - with the beautiful green that would be in the Brides Bouquet....orchids, rose buds, tuberose (my favourites), just to name a few.

An allll white Cake - perhaps with white fondant ribbon stripes around all four sides of the square cake... then white Gardenia style flowers placed delicately on top.....with some leaves - pale to give an over all soft summer look.

It was such a pleasure to prepare all of the delicate flowers and make this cake -  7 inches tall sitting atop the white covered board with delicate butterflies strategically placed...again, adding a soft gentle touch to the overall picture.

The Florist did a beautiful job of the flower arrangements - ready to make a striking display - leaves cut with precision - flowers in all shades of white .... and the scent - just heavenly.

Thank you so very much Margaret for choosing me to make this cake  - it bought a smile to my face as i carefully made and added each and every detail.

And thank you for the "ohhh my" and smiles as i delivered it to your door -  one smile said it all.
It was indeed a labour of love.

White butterflies on top left hand corner.

Flowers for the Tables

Flowers for the Bride.

Wishing the Bride and Groom every Joy.
and again - Thankyou Margaret.