Monday, February 17, 2014



Mrs J was planning a beautiful Afternoon Tea for her Mothers Birthday.... A Garden Tea afternoon for close friends and family ...all invited to join in the celebration at 3pm.  

And so at Midday i was to deliver the all Olive Green Cake - with varying shades of brighter and darker Green flowers and a single Butterfly sitting on top of the roses ............................and embossed Leaves, representing  New Beginnings.

Underneath the canopy of Olive Green were 2 x 6 inch Round Moist Branded Fruit Cakes....
The Birthday Ladies favourite Cake.
Before covering the Cake - a brushing of Brandy and then a warm apricot glaze was gently brushed around and over the entire Cake.

Presented on the Cake board that was also covered in the Olive Green - trimmed with a darker Green Ribbon and decorated with large and small flowers.

Olive Green Macron's filled with a Mixed Berry filling accompanied the Cake - as did Peccarino and Smoked Ham ...... Tomato and Black Olive and Shredded Curry Chicken Mini Quiches.....and a Dozen Vanilla Sponge Cupcakes filled with an Italian Buttercream were to sit amongst the other smell delights that Mrs J had prepared.

The photographs - The decorations - The Guests Gift Bags all beautifully arranged by Mrs J .... sat in readiness for the Guests arrival.

                                                                   The Butterfly 

The Cake

The Decorated Cake Board   

The Top of Cake.

The Cupcakes 


The Macron's

Thank you Mrs J - again it was my absolute delight to create another Cake for your Special Event.

And thank you for your kind words and gift of appreciation.... so very kind of you.

Maxine x 




Four Tiers of  Moist Brandied Fruit Cake -  each tier separated with varying size sugar Frangipani's.
The Tiers = a 6 inch - 8 inch - 10 inch and a 12 inch Bottom Tier.

Yes, this was the Wedding Cake Miss R Designed and asked me to Create...
Each open White Frangipani was dusted with a yellow center.- whilst the little white buds sat tucked in amongst the open petals.....Placed here and there were tiny little flowers, tumbling over the edges of each tier... so as to give a soft appearance to the edges of the Cake.

Standing some 20+ inches high - sitting on a large White Fondant Cake board-  everything Miss R had chosen for her Cake tied in beautifully with  each detail.

Around the base of each Tier was a Hessian Ribbon - which complimented the Beach Theme that Miss R  and Mr B had planned.  

The Venue  - East Fremantle Yacht Club was the perfect setting for such a Wedding Reception.... The view from the Reception Room windows was truly delightful as the Sun slowly began to set. 
 in the late afternoon. 

Yes, this was a delight to create for such a happy Bride....and her Mother, such  pleasure to meet - such a pleasure to work with you both....The relaxed atmosphere and laughter made it all the more enjoyable

Thank you both for your kind words - your card, warm words of  appreciation and the gift you gave. Surely treasured. 

                                                                    Top Tier.

Top Three Tiers

The Wedding Cake... 

The Decorated Cake Board

 Wishing you both - a life of happiness and many treasured memories..

To Julie - Thank you dearly for your kindness. 

Maxine x