Tuesday, August 24, 2010


There will be Aubergine Butterflies upon pretty little Cup Cakes...
There will be Black Butterflies upon pretty little Cup Cakes...
There will be White Butterflies upon pretty little Cup Cakes - to match the Wedding Cake.

A Round Wedding Cake - White with gentle Embossing...
White Frangapanis dusted gently with Purple Petal Dust...

Who could have ordered a better day - The Winter Sun so glorious and warming.
Limestone steps  leading to Lawns and crystal water cascading down from high above.

How wonderful of the Bride & her Groom to give me *special moments* from their Wedding Day for me to admire and keep..... such treasured moments indeed.

Her Gown - it fell around her body just beautiful - the softness of it -
Stunningly Beautiful -
The Flowers - white, gentle and so delicate -  

Yes, it was a sheer delight to work with the B&G - such a pleasure to have met them -
and be privvy to their *special moments*..... indeed.


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