Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Finally, i have decided to walk through the Entry of all things Blog.

My sheer enjoyment of buying, prepping and cooking has bought me here.
From the smallest of Jellycakes to 9 inch high cakes.

Why Many White Bowls ??
I love White Bowls - White Platters
One can never have too many
Whether informal or formal - one can dress a bowl or platter up with every coloured food that exsists.

Coloured Cakes - Colours that makes one smile, makes one feel at peace and ease.
We all have our *own* colour/s that we gravitate towards when we see it, whether it be fresh flowers, shoes or delightful cupcakes sitting in a row.

My colour/s?
All Hues of Blue and White.
These two colours make me feel uncluttered - in all aspects of my home and life

Yet to produce a brightly coloured cake for someone, makes me step back and appreciate all the colours of a Rainbow - and then some.


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