Tuesday, September 21, 2010

things we love to use....and make our life in the kitchen that so much easier.
Do we stop and think of how easy they make life for us - and
do i stop and think how much harder my Grandmother had it?

I think i am right is saying that we all have those *kitchen helpers* in a cupboard, sitting on our bench or tucked away in a cupboard that just make cooking/caking and baking so much easier.

KA - yes, he makes life so much easier when caking - from fluffy up those egg whites to stiff peeks -  to creaming that unsalted butter and castor sugar.
Plug him in - turn him on and he just beats and whips and paddles away - only to happy to assist me - whether for five 8 inch round cakes - or combining a single batch of cupcakes for the next fund raising stall.
Yes, this white shiny beast surely does make my life easier....

KA - sitting quietly............ until next i need him.

Dash - Pinch and Smidgen ...funny little names - but i can't count how many times i have reached for these little treasures over the years.
A little bundle of spoons that my DS spied in one of those *must have* kitchen shops...
He wondered how his Mother had never aquired a set of these  - how did you get buy without them all these years, he laughed as he handed me the tiny gift wrapped bundle. They only measure 3 1/2 inches from head to toe - loll.
Unbelievable i said - now my list of measuring equipement is complete - as i proudly hung them on the magnetic strip that holds all my good knives and metal measuring spoons.

Now when  a recipe actually calls for a *dash of that* and a *smigden of this* - i can do it to perfection...
Over the years they have become a topic of conversation amongst my kitchen friends -
Who could have thought that something so tiny - could cause so much laughter.

Introducing  Dash - Pinch and Smidgen ....

The New Kid on the Bench -  For some Months now i have been wanting one of these smaller gadgets. Yes, i have the *Mother Ship* version - but sometimes it just doesn't seem worth it - coaxing her from the bottom shelf only to process 80 grams of pistachio nuts.
Made many a phone call - trudged many a mall seeking this new white addition to my kitchen helpers - only to e told ....Sorry Madam, we are sold out - Sorry Madam, we can't keep enough stock....perhaps Madam can come back in 2 weeks.
Try placing an orer for one - you get the *pffffftttt, Madam really wants to place an order for something that small"?
And even then there would be no guarantee that i would ge the white one - *Madam might get a black one *

So it was with some rolling of the eyes when DH suggested last Thursday night that we just try Kmart...you just never know.
I was soooo over looking for one - but followed him into Kmart...what would the harm be?

Can you imagine my joy when he turned and smiled at me, pointing to the box - the one and only box, sitting all alone on the shelf - and white at that.
ITS MINE i said ....................... ALL MINE.
I carefully pulled the tape away and after digging through all the cardboard cut outs - there it was - indeed - it was white - not a black one disguised in a white box.
Stuffing everything back into the box i was up off that floor and quick sticks down to the smiling faced boy at counter 4.

I know - hard to believe - That someone (me) could be so very happy finding a smaller version of the Mother Ship.......but i was..........walking one foot off the ground all the way through the shopping center and back to the car.
Couldn't wait to get home, wash, dry and plug this baby in..............lollll

Affectionally called Stick and Bowl.... best thing - the rubber non skid mats that prevent him from sliding all over the bench when in use - also become lids when he is finished sticking and bowling.

And the beaker is not your average 600ml like others ... oh noooo,  but 1000ml.
And the Bowl - not just 2 cups ........ but 4 cups........... Brillante i say. as seen in snaps below.



  1. I have a big KA beast in my kitchen too. I LOVE it! Your new gadget looks very handy.

  2. Hi M, just popped over from "the pantry" - you have a lovely blog, I am really, really impressed with your cake decorating skills.

    I obsess about kitchen objects too!!!!