Monday, January 17, 2011


Perfect .........Today we are *doing lunch* with our Dear Friends Lorraine & Vic.

We shall sip suitable  beverages - we shall have a seafood lunch ......followed by  a Berry Platter for Dessert....with a little chocolate on the side.

The whole Berry Dessert Platter started when i spied a new Jelly Packet at the local Supermarket.
WHO KNEW  we could now buy *Create a Jelly*................................................not me.

Look ......... its really there for one to Create ................................. How wonderful.
So quick - so easy - the flavours  and colours are unlimited - especially for summer trifles and Jellied confectionery.

                        Jelly with Fruit - such a fond memory from my childhood..... the smell and  the beautiful clarity of it sitting there in its glass bowl for after Dinner - when i arrived home from School on a hot summers afternoon.

Does this mean that i can create any flavour Jelly i want?
Colour it any colour i want?..........................Indeed - that's what it meant.

Standing in the aisle i had flavours and colours running through my head -.
Its Summer - how could i go past Cherries - and perhaps Strawberries.
After all, they are in abundance at this time of the year - and so full of flavour.

Seriously - ones options are unlimited.
Yes, yes, i know i could always pop some Gelatin into a bowl - soak and yadda yadda yadda but this is just so easy when one is on the hop

**** Shall post my Cherry & Strawberry Jelly with Rose water at the end of this Bog.

                            Strawberry Mousse - with simmered Strawberries swirl o top.

Turkish Delights - How could you not love the colour.

Mini Strawberry & Cream Ice-creams.

Chocolate flowing over swirled Meringue.

And of course - White Flowers in White Jugs on our Table


Refreshing Mojito Summer Cocktail
With Seedless Grapes - fresh Mint - Champagne and a dash of Lemonade

Murphy's Lore - Autumn Red.

Laughter - Discussions - and good friendship around the Table.......
Who could ask for a better day. 

Always a joy to have them come visit.

 Rosewater Berry Jelly

Serves 4

Wash 8 whole Strawberries and 8 whole Cherries
Pat dry
Hull and quarter strawberries
Halve Cherries - removing pips

Place Strawberries and Cherries in bowl and sprinkle with 2 teaspoons of Castor sugar
toss gently.
this will begin the natural juicing process

Cover with Glad wrap for 30minutes.

Empty contents of  create a jelly  into bowl
Pour over 250ml boiling water
Stir until jelly crystals are completely dissolved.
Add 20ml Rosewater - stir
Add 200ml cold water
Stir well

Add Strawberries and Cherries.
Stirring gently

Divide between 4 suitable glasses.
Refrigerate for at least 3 hours.

I refrigerated over night.

Dollop with either marscaponie or fresh sweetened cream.




  1. It's so nice to think of you enjoying the summer. Mind if I live vicariously through you for a few months? =0)

  2. These are all yummy and beautiful recipes!Mhhhhh

  3. Fostine -
    lolll, there is more than enough sunshine and *summer* to go around over here in the West - so yes, please feel free to live in *my summer* through my Blog.

    Manu -
    Thankyou - we all enjoyed our seafod mains and then our *berry* deserts...they were delish.

    Thankyou both for visiting my Blog.


  4. M wow everything looks awesome and very yummy !

  5. Thankyou PDCC - kind of you to say so.