Tuesday, July 5, 2011


A White Winter Wonderland Engagement Party was the Theme...for Brock and Katie to share their Happy Event surrounded by Friends and Family.
An Ice Sculpture of Swans - A Snow making machine - White Flowers - tall White Trees with tiny globes throughout the Branches.............and a 7 inch Cake with an Explosion of Snowflakes, Glass Beads and Tiny Crystals .

Diamonte letters B & K were placed to the side of the Cake - for that added touch of Bling.

Snowflakes were dusted with Pale Blue Shimmer Dust.... and a few Snowflakes were scattered around the base of cake stand.

What a pleasure it was to meet with Lyn - who asked me to create the Winter Themed Cake for her Son and future DIL.

Snowflakes on Curved White Wires.

Crystal Beads - on Curved White Wires.


Falling Snowflakes

The Cake

The Cake by Candlelight


The Knife for cutting the Cake.

The Ice Swans


White Flowers

Tree with Lights.

Yes, it was a great pleasure to meet Lyn & Reed -
and to make such a Cake for their Son and Future Daughter In Law.

Congratulations Brock & Katie....
every happiness Always.



  1. Such a beautiful cake! It was a bit of a shock to see snowflakes though. Today it's 100 degrees where I live... HOT! Seeing the shimmering snow was a soothing & refreshing change. :)

  2. I was looking through your blog when I got your comment! So funny! I absolutely love this cake. Its my favorite by far...very elegant. Did you make the snow flakes? Just gorgeous

  3. Judsy -
    Lollll, after such a long Summer and drought - it was wonderful to make such a *cool* cake. Sadly we do not get snow is this part of Australia - so it was just lovely to see how the party was Themed.
    Thank you petal for your comment - appreciated greatly.

    Ambar -
    Thank you also for your lovely comment -Yes, i used snow flake cutters to make the snow flakes... then dusted them all with the pale blue shimmer dust.


  4. Beautiful cake! So glad it is summer here instead of winter though.

  5. SEC - thankyou for your kind comment -
    Lolll - we are so glad to see and have winter here - our summer was too long and too hot - and finally after years of little rain - the rains are just glorious.

    Thank you again

  6. Beautiful cake as usual, Maxine. I love the explosion of snowflakes. It reminds me of fireworks.

    Glad to hear you are getting the much needed rain.

  7. Frostine - hello there petal - lovely to recieve your comment.
    Thank you so much - yes, i actually had that thought about the *fireworks* as i was making the explosion. :)

    And yes - the much needed rains are just glorious.


  8. Great cake as always ! Love the snowflakes ! Wish it was winter here..

  9. Oh thankyou PDCC - i do appreciate your comment.
    I hope our rains stay around a lot longer - we so desperatley need them....so i would like to hang on to winter for a while - then send it across the Pacific Ocean to you. :)

    Maxine x

  10. As usual, this is positively gorgeous! It truly looks like a "stop action" photo of an actual explosion. What a wonderful, celebratory effect! What a send off to a great occasion.

  11. Jan - hello my friend - thank you so much for your kind comment - lovely to *see* you again.