Tuesday, November 20, 2012



It was with heart felt joy that i sat ...looking at the smile on my Sons face ....as he watched his Bride to be walk towards him.
A tall handsome man stood before me...  and i smiled as i saw the shine in his eyes...  I absorbed that moment in time - then turning to see my new Daughter in Law float down the aisle.. her smile was just as joyful... and eyes , again also shiny and bright.

Her long white gown floated like a cloud -  so pretty - so soft and feminine... yes, Janelle looked just as i pictured her to look... every bit a Beautiful Bride.

Yes, the day had finally arrived  - Saturday the 10th of November 2012.
Bennet was about to marry Janelle................................such Bliss.

Candles were lit - bringing the two families together....
Vows were exchanged - pledging their love
Rings were placed on fingers..........then the words i had waited for ................ I DO.

How could i not have tears of joy - i was so proud - so very proud to be the Mother of the Groom that stood before me - and within an instant - i was a Mother In Law....wow... I'm a MIL
More tears....oh dear - it was such an emotional day..... 
I laughed - I smiled - I cried - then i smiled again............and then i kissed the newly weds.

How quickly the near 30 years have passed -  to bring me to this day.

                              And now.....it is with great pleasure that I now introduce to you -
                                               Bennet & Janelle - The Groom and his Bride.

Huge urns  filled with beautiful white roses and other white flowers - surrounded by dark green foliage..... which looked even more pretty with the sunlight steaming through the stain glass windows, adding a soft hue of light.

The large white church on top of the hill ............. with the Perth skyline and Swan River as the backdrop.... ......................the perfect setting 

                                                  HER  BOUQUET....white Peonies


A 6 inch Round x 6 inches high Chocolate Cake with a Milk Chocolate Ganache is what the Bride and Groom ordered - for their Cutting Cake.

All White - with embossed leaves - and small flowers tumbling over the edge.

Large white flowers sitting on top of the Cake - with two large white butterflies.
All sitting on a white fondant covered Cake board -  again, decorated with small flowers.

The Cake sat high upon a Crystal Stand 
 as did one of the Glasshouse  Candles -  Amalfi Coast scented

White peonies in a white jug added another touch of softness to the Cake Table

Guests received a large Cupcake - consisting of my Vanilla Sponge recipe - with a Milk Chocolate Ganache filling.

Some Cupcakes sat in pretty White Lace wrappers - whilst others, sat in pretty Ivory wrappers.
These wrappers are so fine - which suited the overall effect of the Cake Table.
Each large 5 layered flower sat on an embossed white fondant top.....






What the Mother of the Groom wore...... :)
A gorgeous strapless Coral  Dress - with ruffled tulle and silk flowers sitting across the  top - whilst tulle and silk kicked out from the bottom hem.... which moved with every step... loved it.

A 2 meter long wrap made from the coral silk floated so effortlessly with each breeze... highlighting the coral and pink shades of the silk.... and completed the outfit perfectly.

TAUPE 4 INCH HEELS...... went perfectly with the Coral Dress.

Mother Nature was at her best for the day...
And kindly waited until we were all at the Reception before she bought in a grey hue over Perth.

However - the view from Incontro Restaurant was still just as wonderful -

                                    Even better as night fell - and the skyline lit up in all is glory.

                                                      To my Beautiful Sister - Shelly.
                   How i wish you and Mark were here on the day - you were both surely missed.
                                                     You were *there* in our  hearts.... xx

            The Wedding Breakfast was just Divine - as was the service - from Anna and her Staff at Incontro                     Thank you  for making it a most enjoyable and relaxing evening.

                                     Thank you to Judy - who made my hair so pretty and soft.....  x

     Thank you to Rachel Deeley - who worked wonders with her palette of colours and eyelashes.
                                                                  PH: 0407082390

  Barry and Pam from Kubank Designs - what can i say - you created my Coral Dress which made me feel so gorgeous.... what you can do with a needle and thread is nothing short of stunning....                                                          http://www.kubankdesigns.com/

                                              To Katherine from The Bridal Room -
Thank you for sourcing the gorgeous Garter and ever so pretty Horseshoe that i proudly placed on my Daughter in Laws arm...                                                 



  1. It looks absolutely stunning! Once again you've perfected everything right down to the finest detail. The cake and cupcakes are absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful day for you and your family. My best wishes to the new bride and groom.... and you too!

  2. Thank you so very much Judy for your lovely comments... yes, it was a wonderful day.... sadly it is all over far too soon... as you well know. But the joy and memories stay with us always.....
    thank you again... Maxine x

  3. Congratulation!!!
    What a lovely dress and beautiful cupcakes (as always)

  4. Hello Manu - thank you - yes, it wss a pretty dress...very fitting for the occassion........and thank you for your kind comment re the cakes... Maxine x

  5. Maxine, I know you always put your whole self into any cake--no, make that a whole event. You always give it your all. But there is something about this one, an indefinable "something" that sets this one apart. Could it just be that this one is for your own flesh and blood and his beautiful bride?! All those "Maxine" flowers...I can just see you sitting there making each one with the love you feel. Your photography as usual, is excellent. I love the matching crystal cake and candle stand. The flower colors, with the hint of soft pink... And Janelle! Has she ever taken a poor picture?! She looks absolutely radiant. Bennet...well, he has a profile a movie star would die for. Your dress looks lovely; I love the play of colors in the fabric. And while I realize this is your cake blog, well---I would love to see a picture of you in that lovely dress. From across the water, I send Bennet and Janelle and you my fondest wishes...

  6. Oh Jan - i thank you dearly for your lovely words....yes inded, it was a diffeent *caking week* knowing that what i was creating was for B&J.... and no, i have never seen a bad photo of either of them...your best wishes i shall surely send to them from you...
    Hopefully i will have another occassion soon to wear the pretty dress again.... - thank you do dearly for your words..... and friendship.....Love Maxine xx

  7. Maxine, you've outdone yourself. The cake and cupcakes? Just stunning. Your dress? Absoutely fabulous! And your son? Movie star handsome!

    Ahem...I'd like to see what SHOES you wore ;).

  8. Oh Linda...thank you so much for your gorgeous comments....and just for you...i have added a picture of the 4 inch Taupe heels i wore .. :) :) :)
    Maxine x

  9. Amazing look. The cake looks absolutely fabulous. What a wonderful day you must have had.

  10. Thank you Beautiful Wedding Hair... so nice of you to drop by and leave a lovely comment.... yes, a wonderful day had by all...