Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Ivory & Taupe, yes, these were the colours Laura & Issac had chosen for theire Wedding Cake and 100 Cocktail size Cup Cakes.

The  6 inch Round x 6 inch high Cutting cake was covered in Ivory Fondant and decorated with an array of Ivory - Taupe and Ivory Flowers, dusted with the colour Taupe.
Smaller flowers and Leaves tumbled over the top edge of the Cake - and little birds sat amongst the delicate Flowers....which sat on a Ivory covered board.

The 100 Cocktail size Cup Cakes were also decorated in the Ivory, Taupe and Ivory flowers dusted with Taupe.
All sitting in varying shades of the dear little delicate Lace  wrappers.

The Cutting Cake sat on the 8 inch high Crystal stand whilst  the array of Cup Cakes sat in and around my 3 tier Vintage Cage.....

The Ceremony and Reception was held at Moore & Moore Gallery in Fremantle.... which meant that the Vintage tiered Cage was *at home* in such a venue.

The gifts for the guests was such a gorgeous idea.....little potted herbs in terracotta pots... again - such a fitting idea and theme for such a Venue.

As i left the Venue the sun was just starting to set, and the glow from the venue lights and the early evening sky were magnificent.... transforming the street scape from black and white during the daylight hours into another world....  
  Of course, always ready with my camera - i had to catch that moment in time.

                                                          The Cutting Cake

The Cupcakes...

The Cake Table...

Sadly there was a huge white light  shinning down on the cake table which  reflected off the fondant - and thus made everything very  bright and blurry...  

The Venue....


Many years of happiness Laura & Issac




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