Monday, February 17, 2014



Four Tiers of  Moist Brandied Fruit Cake -  each tier separated with varying size sugar Frangipani's.
The Tiers = a 6 inch - 8 inch - 10 inch and a 12 inch Bottom Tier.

Yes, this was the Wedding Cake Miss R Designed and asked me to Create...
Each open White Frangipani was dusted with a yellow center.- whilst the little white buds sat tucked in amongst the open petals.....Placed here and there were tiny little flowers, tumbling over the edges of each tier... so as to give a soft appearance to the edges of the Cake.

Standing some 20+ inches high - sitting on a large White Fondant Cake board-  everything Miss R had chosen for her Cake tied in beautifully with  each detail.

Around the base of each Tier was a Hessian Ribbon - which complimented the Beach Theme that Miss R  and Mr B had planned.  

The Venue  - East Fremantle Yacht Club was the perfect setting for such a Wedding Reception.... The view from the Reception Room windows was truly delightful as the Sun slowly began to set. 
 in the late afternoon. 

Yes, this was a delight to create for such a happy Bride....and her Mother, such  pleasure to meet - such a pleasure to work with you both....The relaxed atmosphere and laughter made it all the more enjoyable

Thank you both for your kind words - your card, warm words of  appreciation and the gift you gave. Surely treasured. 

                                                                    Top Tier.

Top Three Tiers

The Wedding Cake... 

The Decorated Cake Board

 Wishing you both - a life of happiness and many treasured memories..

To Julie - Thank you dearly for your kindness. 

Maxine x



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  1. Maxine, nice to read from you.
    As always you've made a wonderful cake, and flowers are so stunning.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great week xox