Friday, August 27, 2010


Just the word Donut takes me back to my childhood - when on cold rainy days on the way home from our Grandparents - our Parents would detour along the Beach Road near our Home and there - parked  in his usual spot would be the Little Donut Van Man.
Windows fogged over from the heat inside - and the coldness of the air outside his van.
Puffs of steam could be seen from his little sliding window.
Those Donuts were Hot Jam Donuts - covered in Sugar...... and after paying - he would hand the Paper Bag to my Mother and always say -  "carefull now - they are hot"
Running back to the car laughing  as the huge drops of rain fell all around us.
Home in two minutes - a Hot Milo was made for all - and not a word would be heard as we sat.........peering at those huge Jam Donuts in front of us.

Ooooing and arrrring as we savoured every morsal - then with sugar coated lips we would laugh and say.....  wish Winter would last forever.
That was until Summer on the Bay came around and our thoughts turned to icy homemade Lenonade and crunchy Lettuce and Grilled Freshly caught Fish....but thats another post.

Back to the Donuts .....................Yes, that was Winter the Bay.

Cake Donuts - so tiny - two bites and they are gone.

Cake Donuts are not as light a texture as your normal Donut - but make for that *something* different when wishing to put a plate of *something* out to share over a cup of coffee.

I didn't do the traditional icing on top this time - instead i made a Dark Chocolate Ganache and tried to ever so carefuly dip them into it.
One will note a few little smudges here and there  when you see the pictures -

You can see how tiny they are sitting along side the Teaspoon cute.

What i do like, is how the Ganache dries to a lovely sheen.



  1. Chocolate AND Donuts! What a combination! Mmmmm

  2. Somewhere, out in the "ether" is a long comment I posted a few days ago. Don't know what I did wrong but I'll try again.
    I'm loving your blog. You are truly an artist in many fields. I love the black background and your food styling is professional quality. Love the composition of the photographs, also the floral accents, choice of dishware and flatware, mood and of course the gorgeous food! Truly beautiful, Blue.
    Your prose is poetic and so very you.
    Keep it coming...Jan

  3. Are you willing to share the recipe? These donuts look delicious.

  4. Thankyou all so very much for your kind comments - i shall be making another batch of these this coming week, and shall include a turtorial and recipe of the little round chocolate treasures.

    Thank you again