Monday, September 13, 2010


Excellant - Mrs LP & Mr BP are coming for afternoon tea on Sunday.
Its been a few Months since we have seen them - as we had been East for the Sisters Birthday and they  have not long returned from their trip, driving through SA, NT and then back down the West Coast to home.
From their phone call they had a wondeful trip and loved everywhere they went and all that they saw.
It will be lovely to sit with them again and hear more of their adventures.

Something pretty and mourish to put on my favourite cake stand that D gave me - its so pretty and being white (D knows i love white) will  make them look even better...yes, pale green macarons on my pretty white cake stand it shall be.
Pistachios - yes, that will go lovely with the pale green.

Might try a new recipe .............can't hurt .................................can it ????

Shall seperate the eggs tonight and let them *age* over night......perfect.

Fast forward to early Sunday call from Mrs LP-
Mr BP was taken to hospital - not well - not well at all.........oh dear.

Feeling rather sad - am i really in the mood now to make these little pale green delights?

Yes, i will - might help if i keep busy.

Fast forward to Sunday early pm.
Phone Hospital to ask how Mr BP is.
Good news.......................Mr BP is allowed visitors.

I have a *bright idea* ...........
We shall take some PM's on a small plate to the Hosptital for Mrs LP - i am thinkng she could do with something to cheer her up - and perhaps Mr BP might be allowed to have just one...................yes, thats a good *bright idea*.

PM's made - and i have sprinkled some crushed Pistachios on some - others are just in their natural state (looking rather naked next to the ones that have been sprinkled)
Oh well - variety is good ............ so they say ......not too sure who they are - but will stay with that thought.

Some quick snaps before we head out the door.....

Very happy to see Mr BP sitting up - a glow to his face and a smile as we walked into his room.
We will await your results and keep nothing but good healthy thoughts for you.

Mrs LP had gone home - a very long and worrying morning and afternoon for her.
A well earned sleep is what was called for.

Little plate of PM's i left for her - we shall speak again very soon.

Fast Forward.
Kind words came down the line fom Mrs LP - it makes me smile to think that the little plate of pale green delights cheered her up....

you are so very welcome my Friend



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