Thursday, September 9, 2010


J phoned, asking if i could make Michaels's 21st Birthday Cake.

After some discussion we decided on something Red, White and Black - as those three colours would reflect his pride and joy - his Holden.

Thus i set about thinking that Holden colours are Red and White.
Michaels car is Red
Tyers are Black.
Hence the design.
Also added to the Cake is an Explosion - using Black Wires.
With his name embossed into the covered Cake board.

Three Choclate Mud Cakes - One cake being made with Morello Cherries.
When all three cakes were torted - i interchanged the layers so as the Cherry Flavour would be throughout the constructed Cake.

Each Layer filled with a Cherry Dark Chocolate Ganache...and then covered in the same.

Besides the Cake - there will be some platters of other small Table Treats......these will be made in the morning - (and photos added soon)
Chocolate Cake Donuts dipped in Red Chocolate...
Dark Chocolate Cake Balls - dipped in Red Chocolate...
Red Vodka Jelly Shots.

J arrived at Midday with her beutiful Daughter Miss H.
Both were thrilled with cake - and also the white platters of treats i had made for them.
We ooooed and arrrred and had some laughs - such lovely people they are.
And i was ever so thrilled to recieve a lovely colourful bunch of flowers from them - to say *thankyou*
see below

Photos below of .......
Platter of Raspberry and Port Wine Vodka Jelly Shots -
Platter of Strawberry Jelly Cakes filled with Chocolate Cream -
Platter of Chocolate Donuts dipped in Black Chocolate -
Platter of Cherry Cake Balls covered in Red Chocolate.
Platter of mini cupcases filled with Red Jaffas.


The beautiful colourful Flowers that J gave me in appreciation.



  1. This turned out GREAT! And the circles on the wires on top look terrific -- way to go! :)

  2. What a great cake ! I am sure he will love it !