Friday, November 5, 2010


M phoned and ordered a Bustier Cake for her friends special Birthday.
Wonderful - as i have never made one before.
Red ........... Red and hot Pink.
I tried to picture it - and must admit i was a tad concerned that it might look rather *busy*.

Plus i was excited to use my Silverwood sphere pan again - such a gorgeous little  pan it is.
The cakes come out so round - so perfectly smooth.

It shall be a 5 inch high white chocolate mud cake - torted into 5 layers and each layer filled with a combination of Milk and Dark Chocolate Ganache.

I had a thought that instead of doing *lace* across the top of the bust line i would use small Butterflies instead - to give a 3D effect - as tho a butterfly frill......

The bust area shall be embossed - and then the body part embossed, but using a larger print.

Red and Pink to be incorporated into the Cake Board....hmmmm, this could also look *busy* - think i shall use two cake boards - and decorate each in one block colour.

To ensure i got a lovely smooth finish for the bust area - i poured my ganache over each half sphere little cake.
Such a good idea - it worked like a charm...and the when it came to covering that area with my fondant - it worked beautifully - not a dent - not a pitted mark to be seen.
I was rather chuffed with myself - lolll.

The back of the cake i decorated with red flowers, to give the impression of flowered lace - again, i was happy with this

So, at 6.30 this evening M knocked on the door, as we walked to where the cake was placed we introduced ourselves and  then without warning she let out a *ohhhh my goodness, i love it*...

I must admit, a smile came to my face - as i was concerned re the two bright colours - and hoped that it is what she had expected...............or at least pictured when she first phoned and ordered it.

So, without any further ramblings, i shall post some pictures.

Yes, i am happy with the final creation, and actually quiet like the two colours together...



  1. Thank you so much Manu - i appreciate your comment

  2. What a great cake ! I knew you would pull it off !

  3. Thank you PDCC - the custome was thrilled - and i was chuffed with how well the two colours worked together.

  4. Beautiful!! One question what shape is the body part? Is it a heart shaped pan? Lovely cake!!

  5. Anon - thank you for your kind comment - yes, the cake tin i used was a Heart Shape... Maxine