Wednesday, November 10, 2010

PEARLS ..... Black and White

How wonderful - i have been asked to make cupcakes for L who  owns a stunning Pearl Shop in my suburb.
The shop is Pearls In The City

It is L's one year annivesary - so one must celebrate with cakes.

Black and White is the theme - to match the ever so elegant decor of  L's Shop.

A mixture of White Cupcakes and Dark Chocolate Mud cupcakes...
Decorated in white - a touch of black with different accents - but all incorporating Pearls in some form.

A Black Birthday Cake - perhaps with tumbling Pearls - and of course - one white canlde.

Delicate little heart shape cookies - again, mostly all white - but a few Black stenciled cookies - to bring the theme together.

Top View


Cookie - Decorated & Stenciled



  1. You have done an amazing job, this is pure Art!


  2. Thank you so much Barbara - I was so thrilled to create something when the challange was put to me....
    M x