Thursday, November 18, 2010


YES, its that time of year again when my beautiful MAGNIFICA GARDENIAS begin to peel back their bud casing and flower.

I have three large blue pots leading to my front door - and this year i am thrilled to say i have over 70 green bubs waiting to open.

All year i tend to them - feeding, watering and checking for any bug that might wish to make home amongst the foliage.

The wild Finches are very helpful in disposing of any unwanted pest, whether they have 6 legs or 8

And now - right on cue, they are showing their little faces.....
White when they first open, then turning the old fashioned cream.

Thus the reason for me buying this particular one... not only do i  see the changing colour - but the scent is pure splendor.

Of course i just had to pick some, to bring inside today.
Not only for their beauty and scent - but with temperatures of 39C and above it surely knocks their beauty around.

Its a joy to sit here i my study and look out the window and see them right there - plus in the evening when the windows are open - their scent wafts through to remind me to look up.




  1. I can almost smell that wonderful aroma as I look at your pictures. We're just starting winter here.

  2. Oh they do smell devine - especially in the cooler night air.
    A day of *winter* would be so lovely at the moment - we are melting with 39C =108F here with high humidty and its not even SUMMER -