Sunday, February 13, 2011


I smiled as i heard a little girl's voice fill with delight after I pressed the bell to announce that i had arrived, to deliver the Mermaid cake and other small pink treats.
Yes, today Morgan was having her Pool Party to celebrate her turning 6.

And a perfect summers day it was - for such a party.

There she was - dressed in her pretty blue bathers and a sparkling tiara....with her older sister standing along side her - both with beaming smiles.

Yes, i had created a soft pretty cake to go with such an occasion....

Pastel pinks and whites.... A Mermaid themed cake, with shimmering pearls.
Around the base of the cake I had placed two layers of fondant - depicting waves... for the seahorses, starfish and shells to sit against.
The cake sat upon a white square stand - again, with pink waves in keeping with the theme - and Morgan's name...with 6 pearls for each of her years.

Six tall pink candles standing behind the Mermaid, dipicting sea grass.

A platter of pink cake truffles - in little white cases - with a flower on each one.

Ever so pastel pink vanilla bean cookies in the shape of cupcakes - again with a little flower on each one.

And Creamy Soda jelly cups - such a pretty pink in the sunlight.

I handed Morgan a little clear box with a pink ribbon tied around it - containing 4 of the little cupcake i wished her a very Happy Day.

Cake Truffles

Vanilla Bean Cupcake Cookies.

Creamy Soda Jelly Cups

Birthday Cake and Pink Treats.

Morgans Boxed Cookies.

Hoping you had a very happy day Morgan.



  1. Another beautiful cake, and cupcakes, and cookies and so on . . . LOL

  2. Thank you Manu - it was lovely to do a girls cake in all pinks and whites.


  3. So I see I need to come to you for my birthday... It would be so nice. Great job on all.


  4. Aweeee, thank you PDCC - one day we shall get together and share *cake*.
    And of course, it shall be Pink.

    Maxine xx

  5. Absolutely fabulous!!!!!! How did you make the mermaid?

  6. This almost makes me wish I could do my childhood all over again. This time I wouldn't be a "tomboy", but would choose to be a fancy little girl, all done up in pink and bubbles. You absolutely knocked it out of the park this time. (As usual). Sweet and oh, so beautiful.

  7. Frostine -
    thank you petal for your comment. I used an impression mould and then painted her little bodice woth *Pink Shimmer* and then painted her tail with *Pink Sheen AirbrushColour* from as to give it the sheen effect.
    I also dusted her hair with White Pearl Dust so as to make it shine in the daylight.

    Jan -
    thank you so much for that comment.
    It was such a joy making a *littke girls* cake.
    I pictured what i wanted - and it came together just as i had hoped... i love every aspect of Caking and take great joy out of the *designing side* of all my cakes. Even better when you see a little childs face light up when they first see it. :)

    Maxine xx

  8. What an absolutely adorable cake, and all those yummy treats to go with it! I can just see the smiles on those little faces from here. :)

    Wonderful job, M., and what picture perfect treats for the little ladies!

    Hugs, PDX

  9. What a lucky little girl. You amaze me.

  10. PDX -
    thank you petal - yes, i thought the cake prettty for a little girl turning 6.
    She was very happy to see the platters of treats -

    Linda -
    Oh thank you also - i amaze you? good grief - your creations are just stunning...thank you for your very kind compliment.


  11. Oh my goodness everything is so beautiful and perfect! I hope my treats get this good :D

  12. Your fondant work is so impressive. You have a great eye for detail!!! Awesome Job!

  13. Thank you so much for the lovely comment.
    It waqs a great joy to do this cake for Morgan.