Tuesday, February 15, 2011


The reception was set against the beautiful waters of Freshwater Bay Yacht Club.... with clear skies, sparkling water and every type of boat imaginable ...tall masks swaying in the gentle breeze....................Yes, it was a glorious day for a Wedding.

Varying shades of Coral and Ivory is what Katherine requested - pretty cupcakes - shabby chic style....flowers and butterflies sitting atop White Cakes - in white cases -  with ivory embossed  tops.........very shabby chic.
Gentle and ever so feminine - to suit Katherine

The reception  room was set out beautifully - white table clothes with white chair covers and pretty Ivory bows - bowls of ever so pretty flowers adorned ever table.
And large white vases filled with European Lilliams as one walked through the door.



The room itself,  draped in flowing white curtains....giving an ambiance of softness and gentleness.

Indeed, a room for such an occasion....  Katherine & Cameron's Wedding Breakfast.

Thank you Katherine & Cameron for allowing me to be part of your Special Day.
Every Happiness is wished to you both, as you begin your new life together.




  1. Thank you so much - i so enjoyed working with these colours - so soft and feminine i thought.


  2. I love the choice of colors and, as usual, flawless execution. The edible flowers repeat the soft colors of the real, and they all tie in together to create a gentle spring ambience. I can almost feel the soft, fragrant breeze. I'm sure you helped to make their day one they will remember fondly.

  3. Jan - thank you again for your ever so kind compliment. It was indeed such a delight to make these pretty coloured cakes.

    PDCC - Thank you also - :)


  4. Another gorgeous array of cupcakes, M. The colours are very pretty together.

    The reception venue is stunning!

  5. Hello Maxine!!

    I was blown away when I first saw our beautiful cake!! It looked absolutely stunning and tasted even better :) You did an amazing job at bringing our ideas to life. Perfect cake for a perfect day!!

    Kat & Cam xx

  6. Dear Katherine & Cameron, it was my absolute pleasure to not only work with you re the designing of your cakes but such a joy creating them. What a wonderful lady you are Katherine...again, such a pleasure to work with you. The reception room was stunning and so very *you*. Thus i just had to post photos of all the different aspects....in and outside of the room. Thank you so much for your ever so kind comments...
    Happiness to you both always
    Maxine xx

  7. Your cupcakes are beautiful! You do excellent work!

  8. Thankyou Jennifer - tha is very kind of you to ay so.
    Welcome to my Blog and thankyou for taking the time to visit.


  9. OMG Maxine your work is absolutely stunning! The colors are amazing & the cupcakes are so elegant, I truly wish someday I will become as professional as you are!

  10. Cupcations - thank you so much for your very kind comment.
    I must admit - the Bride chose beautiful colours for these cupcakes and cutting cake - i think they look beautiful together.