Saturday, March 12, 2011


Jane phoned, asking if i could possibly have time this week to make a Bustier Cake for her Daughter In Law to be - Astrid.

Astrid was having her Bridal Shower this afternoon, and as a surprise Jan thought it would be lovely for Astrid to have a cake.

Indeed i replied - only to happy to oblige.
We discussed design and i thought perhaps i could make it in the same colour that Astrid has chosen for the Wedding Cake weekend.

For the trim, i decided to do a lace effect - in a darker shade of the Patel Lime Green- and for the bodice of the cake, emboss with a butterfly.

And for a personal touch.... a small *a* on the cake board.

Heart Shape Cookies - incorporating the two Greens, as a "thank you" gift to each Guest
Also incorporating the lace trim as embossing on the  Cookies - and an alternative coloured Butterfly sitting atop each Cookie.
Placed in Cellophane bags - with a white card top and trimmed with Butterflies.

Midday arrived and Jane drove up the driveway.
After "hellos and lovely to see you again" we walked to where the cake was sitting.
Ohhhh, its wonderful and with that i smiled graciously...and thanked Jane for the kind comment.

We said our goodbyes shortly afterwards and i wished Jane safe travels as she headed off to meet with Astrid and surprise her with her Cake.

Jane - such a warm and friendly lady - and her love of Astrid shines through, whenever she mentions her name.

The Back

The Cookies

Hoping  you had a lovely afternoon Astrid.



  1. Thank you PDCC -
    Fist time i have used this effect - something i shall use again for my cakes


  2. Maxine your work inspires me! I literally get ideas when I look at your cakes lol

  3. Cupcations - that was very kind of you to say - thank you. Greatly appreciated.