Sunday, March 20, 2011


Last Saturday i made Astrid a Bustier Cake for her Bridal Shower - and this weekend i had the pleasure of making the Wedding Cake for her and Simon.

The Sun was still warm as it made its slow decent over the Indian Ocean.

Small white caps splashing against the sand all the way along the beautiful Coastline.
Yes, a wonderful day for a Wedding and a perfect setting for the Reception.

6 layers of dark Chocolate Mud Cake - each layer torted and filled with Chocolate Ganache.
Pastel Lime Green - with Pearls dotted here and there.
The Black Ribbon -  around the base of  the cake- which Simon and Astrid used on their Invitations.
And Diamante letters - S and A - together amongst the pearls.

Green Roses in round bowl vases on every table looking every so fresh and pretty.
Pure white Oriental Lilliams running along the Bridal Table - with white Singaporean Orchids, to co-ordinate with the crisp white chair covers and pale green bows.

White Lanterns - swaying in the gentle afternoon breeze - both inside and out.

Yes, as the Sun sets tonight and the lights in the Lanterns glow even brighter - it shall indeed be a wonderful place to celebrate the Marriage of Simon an Astrid - as the Indian Ocean rolls in to end another beautiful day along the West Australian Coastline.

Sun Set Over The Indian Ocean

Many White Lanterns.

The Flowers

The Tables

The Ribbon

The Cake Knife and Server

Simon & Astrid
Wishing you a life time of happiness and many beautiful sun sets.

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  1. Very nice and a nice color ! Love the bubbles and butterfly's .

  2. Handmade pearls and fluttering butterflies... Simple and elegant, or simply elegant. They both apply. The craftsmanship is spot on, as usual, and the colors are so soft and romantic. I can't imagine a more ideal setting for such a romantic occasion and the timing is perfect as the sun sets. What a time to remember. It must give you great satisfaction to be a part of such memories.

  3. What a beautiful cake and gorgeous wedding!

  4. What a beautiful cake and gorgeous wedding!

  5. PDCC - Thankyou - yes, i do love this colour.
    Was very happy to see it co-ordinated with the Venue.

    Jan - Thank you also for your comment - It woukd have been a lovely evening with the lantens glowing against the Ocean and night sky.

    Sweeteatcakes - And Thank you to you also for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    Much appreciated from you all.


  6. Wow Maxine, just gorgeous! The cake looks stunning in the reception venue. What a perfect day for a wedding.

    Great job xx

  7. Hello MrsKT - lovely to see you again :)
    Thank you - i think the greens against the bright white cloths look so lovely and fresh.
    Again - thank you for your kind comment.


  8. Beautifully done. What a gorgeous country you live in!

  9. Judy - yes, i must admit - Australia is a most beautiful Country to live in - i am so very fortunate that i call Australia Home.

    Thank you for your lovely comment regarding the Wedding Cake
    Much appreciated.

    Maxine x