Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Today was a "no cake baking day" so i thought i would perhaps make some Mint Green Peppermint Flavoured Meringues................ and even some with chocolate hidden inside of them

After whisking the egg whites until frothy - then adding the vinegar - and then adding the castor sugar ever so slowly - i decided to add a few drops of Peppermint Oil and a few drops of Green Gel - just enough to give me that ever so soft pastel green colour that suits the softness of Meringues.

Some i piped and others i spooned onto the paper lined baking trays.
Turning the oven off - i left the trays sit for roughly 90 minutes - until they sounded hollow when tapped on their dainty little bottoms.

Hmmm, how sweet it was to open that oven door and smell the gentle aroma of Peppermint.

Tomorrow it is back to business - but for today - it was lovely to make something that i hadn't made for a long time.........................................just for the fun of it.

Meringues and Fairies - something about the two of them just go together perfectly.....

Mint Meringues with Chocolate.....spooned onto baking tray.

Chocolate hiding inside...

Together... piped and spooned.

And of course - a little gift each for Chelsea and Sophie.

Yes......... Mint Green - Chocolate - Hydrangea's and Fairies ............
so perfectly matched.



  1. Ciao, I was thinking: may I have this little gift too??

  2. LOL - Certainly Manu - next time there will be a gift for you.
    Thank you for your comment :) :)


  3. Maxine, I always LOVE the way you accessorize your food photographs. I know the meringues will taste delicious, and the color is lovely. (I am partial to the piped ones.) But I love the choice of hydrangea --- a perfect complement to the meringues--- but the fairy tops all. How very appropriate. I particularly love the iridescence of the wing that you achieved in the last photo.
    Another choice blog entry!


  4. Thank you so much Jan for ever so kind comments.
    The Hydranges is a print that i have hanging in the guest bedroom - but i thought the colours would lend to the colour of the Meringues.
    The Fairy - a gorgeous gift from many years ago from two special friends, who laughed and said it reminded them of me. LOLLL
    Yes, the timing was perfect with the sunlight coming through the window - it *only* took 17 minutes to catch the right colour.
    Thank you again Jan - i love how you notice the *background* and not just the food.
    For me - it all ties in together when presenting my creations.

    Maxine xx

  5. These are gorgeous and now I feel compelled to go eat some chocolate with mint for some reason...

  6. This look soooooo yummy!

  7. Kara -
    lolll, chocolate and mint have that effect on us.
    Thank you for your comment

    Judy -
    Of course i *had* to taste test - and it was rather mourish
    Thank you also for your comment.


  8. Love the delicate colour of the mint meringues Maxine. I have never thought to encase chocolate in my meringues.....I will give it a try...

  9. Thank you Cakebaker-Cakemaker. you can place your little chocolate buttons on the baking paper - then pipe your meringue over the top - when cooked, allow to cool completely and then lift them off with a thin bladed spatula. Something different and a surprise when your guests eat them.


  10. Oh that's easy!!...thanks for the tip Maxine....xx
    Maxine I wonder if you have ever read the Victoria magazine...it's an American magazine. Your style and tastes remind me so much of those in the gorgeous magazines.

  11. Yes, that easy :)
    No, i have never read it - nor have i heard of it - think i might go Google it - you have me intrigued :)
    Thank you for mentioning it - and thank you for your kind words.

  12. I tried to post a link to it but I can't on here so will post a link to you on fb.....I have saved copies for at least 10 years. Then they stopped printing them and for some reason started printing them again. I have read and re-read them so many times. You're welcome.... xx