Wednesday, April 6, 2011


A Purple and Black Bustier Cake and matching Cup Cakes were ordered for Leah's 21st Birthday.

Little Silver Cashous dotted here and there - so as to tie in with the theme of the Party.
Purple Butterflies down the sides and across the back of the Bustier Cake - and Black Butterflies sitting atop some of the Cup Cakes.

The Cake and Cupcakes were delivered to the Venue and i thought i would wait to see her arrive in her Hummer Limo - with her Friends.

Purple Buttons down the back.

Purple Butterflies across the back of the Cake Board.

Cup Cakes

Balloons to match the colour theme.

Matching Candles

My Gift to Leah - Purple Candles

Her Key

Leah's Transport for the Evening.

Hoping your had a Wonderful Night Leah -
Happiness to you Always.




  1. OMG so amazing! Love all your pics . . .black and purple cupcackes are so elegant!!LOL ♥

  2. Oh Thank you so much Manu - so kind of you to say.... (I think the Black Background sets them off also)

    Thank you again


  3. Love the cake and cupcakes! I especially love the color combo, black and purple look great together!

  4. Thank you Sweeteatcakes - yes, i am happy with how true to form the colours came out when i took the photos...sometimes the colours can deminish or look faded.... depending on the light and camera used.

  5. So pretty! I've never tried covering a cake with embossed fondant. Cupcakes are simple, but a large cake???? I worry the pattern will be pulled out of shape while applying the fondant to the cake. Or that I'll rub the embossed pattern away while smoothing the fondant. Yours turned out perfect! Maybe one day I'll give it a try.... Great job!


  6. Somehow, in my mind, I didn't picture the shade of purple being so lovely. But it is a very soft, complimentary color combo. I really like it.
    I love the different "incarnations" your pedestal stand goes through. A different color changes it entirely! I also love the stands/plate which show off the cupcakes so well. (I, personally, would have trouble making a bustier cake. I would be hard pressed not to stick a head on it!) lol !
    Love the whole thing, as I'm sure Leah did. What a send-off for a milestone birthday!


  7. Judy - For this shape and style cake i have found it the best way to decorate it.
    As long as you allow your Fondant to *set up* for about 5 minutes before you drape it over the cake.... it works quite well.
    Wearing cotton gloves i then gently smooth it over to form the shape...that way the embossing won't be disturbed.
    Yes, do make one :)
    Thank you very much for your kind comment.

    Jan - Thank you also for your kind comments - Yes, i am happy with the colour that developed from my camera. Re the cake stands - yes, true to form i put them through many *incarnations* lollll.

    I enjoy making this style of cake as i know exactely what has to go where and the stages to arrive at the end creation.

    Thank you both again


  8. Wow, Maxine another stunner! Love this colour combination, purple is my favourite colour and matched with the black is fabulous.

    Well done :)

    Katena x

  9. Another great job ! I'm sure that Leah loved it as it is beautiful !


  10. Wow this is gorgeous. How did you make the flowers on the cupcakes?

  11. Never Dessert You - thank you for your kind comment,
    Re the large flowers - i used my 5 petal cutter and after letting them air dry for about 5 minutes i placed them in my large flower former for 4 days to completely dry,
    Then i just sat one dried flower inside another - securing them with sugar glue syrup.

    Lovely to have you join my Blog as a Follower.