Sunday, August 28, 2011

IVORY AND PINK ...............

Lyn was having a special Birthday - family and friends knew - but what Lyn didn't know was that her lovely Daughter Reyenna and i had met to discuss exactly what her Birthday Cake would look like -
Yes, this was to be a surprise Birthday Party at one of Perth's finest Restaurants.... Fraser's Restaurant......... set high above Perth in Kings Park.

Nothing could be more wonderful for Lyn - Her Family seated with her at the beautiful long table adorned with pretty flowers and gorgeous little candles....

So i was thrilled to design such a Cake for my Friend....
Soft and Pretty ............ so very Lyn .... for she is very soft and pretty.

As early evening turned to nighttime i thought how wonderful a time Lyn would be having surrounded by those she loves...

An Ivory Cake with large pastel pink flowers  sitting on top of the Cake - with smaller flowers tumbling down the side.
A plague with an embossed *L* sitting in amongst the little flowers.

Nine Cupcakes -
Four with Flowers and Five with Butterflies to be placed at each guests place setting.
Every box tied with a rose coloured ribbon.

My gift to Lyn....Designer Chocolates - each one with her Name and a Birthday Wish on the back...

Yes, it was indeed such a pleasure to design, make and deliver the Cake and Cupcakes for my Friend.

Early the following morning i received such a lovely phone call thanking me for what i had created - we laughed  at how her Birthday Cake/s eventuated - and as i said above - it was indeed my pleasure.

Photos by Candlelight - at the Restaurant.

Designer Chocolates

A Year of happiness and many treasured moments Lyn Birthday wish to you.

Maxine xx


  1. Ciao Maxine I'm home after summer holidays! I had a great time.
    Your creations are always beautiful! LOL

  2. Hello again my friend - lovely to see you - Do hope your Summer Holiday was relaxing yet fun for you.
    We are just coming out of Winter and soon headig into beautiful Spring - such a lovely time of year (my favourite)
    Thank you so very much for your ever so kind comment....

    Take Care

    Maxine x

  3. Adorable & elegant as usual. Lyn is very lucky to have you as a friend & cake decorator. Again you nailed it!


  4. Thank you Cupcations - so kind of you to say - greatly appreciated.