Monday, August 22, 2011


What an absolute joy meeting with Anna and Sophie. They came to discuss Sophie's upcoming 10th Birthday.
An Afternoon Tea, after school for Sophie and her friends.
After speaking with Sophie for a few minutes i learnt that she loved all Animals and Birds.
So a Cake with Birds, Butterflies .....and Silver Dragonflies

There shall be a Birthday Cake -
Chocolate Mud with Cherry Ripe dotted throughout with a Cherry Ripe Ganache, filling all six layers.
A Mauve Cake with Purple Flowers and Purple little Sophie loves the colour Purple.

Cupcakes - Vanilla with a milk chocolate ganache filling - topped with little Mint Green Lids and Purple Flowers ...sitting in little clear cake boxes...tied with Purple ribbon and a Thank you tag.... to hand to each of her guests as they leave.

Jelly Cakes - filled with Vanilla Cream and dusted with Coconut.

Dark Chocolate Ganache Tarts - with Mauve Non Parells sprinkled on top.

Purple Chocolates - in Purple  Mini Cases - with a little Mint Butterfly sitting on top.

Mint Chocolate Buttons - in little White Cases with a little Purple Butterfly resting on the edge.

Swirled Mint Green Meringues.......
Swirled Mauve Meringues.

Jelly Cups - with tall White Spoons.

Mint Green embossed Butterfly Cookies.

Pretty Mauve wrapped Chocolates..... with Silver Dragonflies.

Little Embossed Bird Vanilla Cookies - in Cellophane Bags - again, with pretty Mauve tops and a Silver Butterfly on each - for Sophie to hand to her guests as a Thank you gift.

Mini Chicken Quiches...with a hint of Curry.

Mini Herb and Cheese mini Purple Cases. 

Sophie's Grandmother made gorgeous little Marshmallow and Cookie cup and saucer treats and Sausage Rolls for the party.

Out under a vibrant blue sky surrounded by her friends and family - Sophie had a beautiful afternoon in which to celebrate her 10th Birthday.

The Cake

The Cupcakes

Mint Green Meringues

Designer Chocolates

Purple Chocolate Cups

Vanilla - Little Bird Cookies

Jelly Cakes with Vanilla Cream

Green Chocolate Buttons in little White Cups

Mint Green Butterfly Cookies

Dark Chcoolate Tarts with Mauve Non Parells.

Milk Chocolate dipped Strawberries

Herb and Cheese MMini Muffins in Purple Cases

And what party would be complete without a big Purple Balloon...

My gift to Sophie.

Many Purple Birthday Wishes to you Sophie....
Thank you Anna



  1. Maxine these shades of purple that you used are awesome ! The different shades are soft but strong! Great job !

  2. I'm so frustrated I no longer get notifications from your blog... How can I miss these!!!
    The cake sounds sooo delicious, where's that "grab & eat" button that we discussed :P :D
    Anyways everything is amazing as usual. The color blend is adorable! And gotta love the Maxine touch :)


  3. PDCC - Thank you petal - I was trying to keep it within a colour range for this particular little girl as Purple is one of her favourite colours.


    Cupcations - Ohh, sorry you aren't getting Notifications anymore - i am not sure why - does one have to sign up every time?
    Lolll - grab and eat button - yes indeed i thik that would be a wonderful *extra* to have on our pc
    Thank you also for your lovely comment.


  4. Maxine, how do you ever find time to come up for air?! Pulling this whole beautiful party together---everything made by your talented hands, Oh my goodness! I love the color scheme carried throughout and Sophie is one very lucky girl. You are not only a terrific cake artist, but a whole party rolled into one. Can you gather that I love this one? You keep topping yourself, showing that growth never stops.

  5. Jan - Staying up into the wee small hours of the morning helps me complete all that i need to... :)
    Yes, i thought the Purple, Mauve and Mint were such pretty colours together for Sophie - and she was thrilled with what i delivered.

    Thank you ever so much for your kind comment.

    Maxine xx

  6. Maxine you are just fabulous. This is great. Are the cupcakes with the butterfly have a purple ganache or is that fondant. That is neat!

  7. Hello Never Dessert You - I think you are referring to the little Purple Chocolate Cups that have a little butterfly on top.
    That is just straight Purple Chocolate that i poured into the little paper cups - then when set i placed a butterfly on each.
    The little cupcakes are in the little clear boxes - that is Mint Green Fondant - with a little purple flower on top.
    Thank you for your kind comment.


  8. Hello there Maxine! I was wondering how you get such perfect little tart crusts. Your work is lovely as always.

  9. Frostine - lovely to see you petal...
    Re the little Tarts - after placing them in the mini muffin pan i dampen the edges with a droplet of water to smooth and even the rims out. Then i bake them for about 8 - 10 minutes.
    I found that by dampening the edges it does keep them smooth and more rounded.
    Hope that helps you - for when you make yours :).
    Thankyou again for visiting and commenting....
    Maxine x.