Thursday, December 22, 2011


A few weeks ago i was asked to participate in an Artisan Christmas Fair...
Cakes and Biscuits with a Christmas theme.

So i set too thinking amidst other orders as to what colour theme i would go with - traditional Red, Green and White or something different.....hmmmmmmmmm.... would people/customers expect traditional or be surprised by perhaps a Winter Theme, considering our hot festive Season ?

Winter it shall be - i decided.

So i made my Mini Brandy Fruit Cakes -  with their 13 ingrediants - a jolly good splash  - make that 3 good splashes of Brandy - a few drops of lemon juice and then a mixture of Christmas spices.

Allowing them to mature for a few weeks -  i set too and decorated....

The Christmas Biscuits were a Honey and Orange Zest recipe - again adding a few Christmas spices.
Decorated in white...... and snowflakes for that *winter* touch.
Popped into cellophane bags and tiered with white ribbons.

The Fair was a wonderful success - and i was more than happy with the response from my customers...... yes, the Winter theme of pale blue and white snowflakes was a great choice.

I just love how i turned the wooden tree i bought from Infancy into a wooden Christmas tree  - available at -  it added that Christmas touch - with the clear baubles encased around the pale blue and white ribbons.
I also made pale blue fondant snowflakes and adhered them using sugar glue.

My 5 designs

White Christmas Biscuits

My Stall

Thank you to Christine Silbert for asking me to participate -
It was a great joy.


Thank you to Victoria @ Infancy - you are what Customer Service is all about -
an absolute pleasure doing business with you.



  1. Love the blue and white color scheme. It's so crisp clean and fresh! Your mini cakes are very pretty... and with all that detail...a lot of work for you! But you put everything together beautifully!

  2. Oh Maxine they are so pretty I'd be afraid to eat them!!!!!

  3. Maxine, beautiful cakes!!
    Wish you and your family Merry Christmas!

  4. These are totally not what I expected when I read fruit cake. They are so pretty and wintery.

  5. Judy - thankyou - yes, alot of work - but so worth the effort - my customers were happy to buy something different as either christmas gifts or for themselvew - Merry Christmas Judy to you and your Famioy.

    Brownville Girl - thank you petal - lollll, they were a little fragile to handle but wrapped in tissue npaper and popped in a gift bag they were snug and secure... Thinking of you at this time of Year - may 2012 be kind to you Brownville Girl.

    Manu - and thank you also petal - and i wish you a very happy festive season also - take care.

    Frostine - lolllll - not your average fruit cake were they - lolll. Seeing as our Christmas season is so warm - i thought a winetery theme something totally differrent - Wishing you and your family a safe and merry festive season.

    A very Merry Christmas season to you all my online friends - thankyou for all your input, kind comments and help over the last 12 months -i so look forward to chatting and reading all about your next creatins in the new year - take care and a happy new year to you all.

    Maxine xx

  6. These are so pretty I would be afraid to eat them! Again you nailed it!


  7. Cupcations - Many thanks for your kind comment. They were fragile little cakes.