Friday, April 20, 2012


This week saw me designing a Wedding Cake with Bling....

Suitable strands of Bling - fine strands - hanging at varying lengths, around the tall White Cake.

Large *Maxine style* flowers  sitting above the Bling - with smaller flowers tumbling over the edge

I also made a smaller version  of the larger Cake..... again with Bling.
A Brandy infused fruit cake..

Little Cake.... with Bling



  1. Maxine, welcome back!!!
    This is another stunnung cake!! Well job!

  2. This cake is awesome! I love the bling and the way you positioned them on the cake. I have used the rhinestone chain before, but always as a border. I am really digging the vertical orientation! Great job!!!

  3. Manu - hello my friend - thank you so much for your lovely comment.... Mx

    Jennifer - hello petal - yes, i thought it different using the *bling* this way... no matter which way the cake was facing the light caught any one of the *bling strings* - i was pleased with that ...thank you for your lovely comment Jen - Mx

  4. As usual, the cake is gorgeous! But sometimes, I am almost more blown away by your amazing photographic skills. A true artist who excels in many mediums. I love your choice of flowers and vases and arrangements to compliment each and every different cake. With such beautiful lay outs, I am left to know that the taste is scrumptious, as well!
    Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us.

  5. Jan - and once again your comment is such a thoughtful one - i do thanknyou for stopping by and taking note of all i do - the tulips are called Parrot tulips and are the softest Pink - i thought they looked so pretty against the gren Singapore Orchids - i am so very lucky to have a Florist near by that has such an array of fresh flowers every week for me to choose from - sometimes a bit of colour is required when photographing an all white cake (with a little bling) - again i say thankyou - i do so much appreciate your kind words.
    Maxine x