Sunday, April 8, 2012



Clare was flying into Perth to celebrate a special Birthday and her dearest sister Rachel wanted a special cake for the occasion.

Colours and designs were discussed - and the ever so helpful Rachel sent through a few samples of differing palettes.
Should it be a few bright Gerber's  or a bigger and brighter flower... sitting centre stage on top of the cake?

A flower to that would do the electric colours justice and compliment each other.

And so it was decided..... Sky Blue - Lime Green - Fuchsia and Electric Orange.
I was thrilled to work with such an array of colours.... together on the same cake, as i could see it in my *minds eye* as to how alive it could look.

And so i set too, creating each petal -  creating a curve for some and a twist to others.

Lime Green leaves - with an imprint of veins on each.

CLARE's name was to be incorporated onto the cake - in a manner that wouldn't get lost amongst the brightness.
I decided on a plague - with letters in a paler shade of Sky Blue .. so as to be more noticeable.
Each letter gently adhered with the slightest brush of sugar glue....

And so Clare's cake came to life - little Orange stamens gently nodding on gold wires.
One Candle...... as everyone needs at least one candle to complete the ritual of  "Happy Birthday"

Standing 10 inches high from base to tip of stamens - the height surely did lend itself well to the colours and design...

And so, after delivering the Cake and sharing in a glass of Bubbly we departed - leaving Clare to celebrate, surrounded by her sisters, Rachel, Anne and Jane - her Mother and other family members..... and good friends.

Thank you Rachel - it was such a delight to create this cake for you ... to present to Clare - and as before, an absolute joy to catch up again.... you are such a gem of a Lady and Customer.

Hope you had a wonderful Evening Clare.... and a lovely stay in Perth.

Maxine x


  1. Loving all the bright colors. Looks great!

  2. Sweeteatscakes - Thank you so much for you comment.
    I was thrilled when it came together and using the Sky Blue just made the Lime, Fushia and Orange ever so more vibrant.


  3. I know what I was trying to describe when I first saw this latest creation of yours: It is a gorgeous tropical sunset! You know how they just sometimes explode with color--- and your reaching stamens contribute to that illusion. I love your fantasy flowers. It makes me wish I could loosen up a little and depart from the restraints of realism. Once again, a masterpiece, Maxine!

  4. Oh Jan - if only you had of been in the car with me when driving to deliver this cake - the sky was exactely *that* - an Orange and Pink Sunset... I smiled when seeing it as i neared the Coast as i thought..."and there lies the colours of my flower" Your comments are always so discriptive and i love reading them... thank you my friend... Creating *Maxine style Flowers* allows me to step outside the boundries of the flora garden as we know it... i can't wait to see a *Jan Flower* one day.... i want to see what it would look like... and what colours you would choose. :)

    Maxine xx