Friday, June 7, 2013


A Sunday Morning Tea for Mrs McH, was who i created my small delights for... a few Sundays ago.....along with Tulips, Roses and other soft flowers in my assortment of White Jugs ... so as to add pretty scents and softness to the Table.

                                                      Mini Salmon & Dill Quiches 

                                                   Mini Mushroom & Feta Quiches 

                                Mini Filo cases filled with Turkish Delight Cheesecake            

                          Soft pastel Pink Jelly Cakes - with little white flowers sitting on top 

                        Mini Pots filled with Rosewater Jelly - then topped with a swirl of 
                                   White Chocolate Mousse - and later to be topped with
                                                                Pashmak Vanilla Floss.

                Mini Vanilla Sponge Cupcakes - with pastel Blue & Green flowers sitting in
                                                                         Mini cups.


                 Mini Pots filled with my Raspberry Mousse then sprinkled with Rose petals

 A delightful setting as the Sun came through the large Windows... showing the  surrounding


The beautiful flowers i purchased from Matthew Landers... in Victoria Park


Thank you Mrs McH for the photo below - 

and thank you for allowing me to create you small delights for the Morning.




  1. The cakes in the teacups are just adorable. The flowers are a work of art.

  2. Hello Heather and welcome to my site... thank you - yes, the little cupcakes did look rather gorgeous in the tiny cups...thanks for stopping by and posting - M

  3. I love the softness of the colors and the presentation. Each is a work of art in itself. With such a visual, I can truly taste each and every tidbit, even here across the oceans. Another masterpiece, Maxine!

  4. So delicate and delicious menu Maxine. I don't know why I haven't visited your blog sooner but so pleased I have. Every page and post a work of art. Your own personal touch comes across with every it all..looking forward to more posts. <3 Karen M.

  5. @ cakebaker - cakemaker...thank so much for stopping by and visiting my site... and for your kind words... just looked at your site, and you have some wonderful posts - pictures and recipes.

    @ Jan .... one day we shall meet and share some small nibbles from each others kitchens.


  6. Maxine unfortunately my blog was a poor attempt when my time was and still is limited. I really should delete it. Cakebaker_cakemaker was the name I used when I started my account where most of my photos are. I will identify myself to you on another website we are both on.....

  7. Oh...and here was i thinking what a brilliant idea your A-Z recipes was. Thank you for explaining - i look forward to speaking with you via other means - Maxine x