Monday, June 17, 2013


Three years have passed since i had the pleasure of meeting discuss me creating a Cake....she asked me to make her MIL's Birthday Cake....
Something  in the colour Blue, as this was Dora's favourite colour.

How delighted we were, when this past Sunday my Husband and i were invited to join with Rachael, her family, and Dora's friends to celebrate Dora's 90th Birthday at the Joondalup Country Club.

30 guests gathered for an afternoon of High Tea, fond memories and laughter.... and of course Cake.

Kind words with warmth were what the speech's were filled with... and as i sat and listened i marveled at how wonderful Dora was - a gentle Lady, with a smile that made one feel so welcome. Yes, it was lovely to see her again.   Flowers, Cards and Gifts sat on the Gift Table amongst a beautifully crafted hard cover Book that Rachael and Dora had compiled and had printed, written words and photographs from years gone by - showing and telling of a well traveled joyful  life. A Lady of beauty, with such air and grace.

Thank you Rachael for inviting us - it was such a privilege to raise our glass's in honor of such a wonderful Lady. 

Mini Cupcakes sat arranged on the Glass stemmed stands surrounding my small glass vases of White Tulips and Roses - whilst the Birthday cake sat high on a Glass pedestal.  Doily covered chocolates, tied with a white ribbon sat under the large cloche.. whilst delightful little teabags with *For You* tags sat in white cups  - for each guest to take home and enjoy.

Doily covered Chocolates...

*For You* Tea Bags....  


Yes, we were honored and delighted to join in Wishing Dora a very Happy Birthday...
In my years to come....may i have the poise, grace and wonderful memories that she has.

Such a pleasure to create such a pretty Cake - for such a Lady.

Thank you Rachael, Martin and Dora.
Maxine & Mark. xx



  1. Good Morning Heather... lovely to *see* you again - thank you ever so much for your kind words. Greatly appreciated.... Maxine

  2. Morning Manu - thank you petal - the colour did look gorgeous at the venue, with the light streaming through the windows. . Mx