Monday, July 15, 2013



Six layers of Pink Vanilla Sponge Cake.... each layer filled with Snow white Buttercream lay hidden underneath the same Pink shades of the Ruffle Ombre Cake - all 17 layers of Ruffles
With just a hue of Pink in the Flowers which sat on top of the Cake.

A Birthday Cake for Mrs G... the Pinks, matching perfectly with the Pink flowers, Drinks, and decorations that filled her home....for her *all pink* evening.

This 7 inch Round Cake stood 7 inches high - and the guests were surprised to see the varying shades of Pink sponge as Mrs G cut into the cake.  

Little Pots of Raspberry Mousse and  Little pots of White Chocolate Mousse all topped with edible Rose Petals - again adding a pretty and tasteful touch of Pink to the desserts......
and Pink Floral Chocolates also sat upon the Vintage cake stands that i decorated with pink Flowers.....

This was a first for me - and such a joy to create for such a special occasion.


                                        Flowers on top of the Cake - in  Hues of Pink...

                                                    White Chocolate Mousse Pots - with Rose Petals....


                                                     Pink Floral wrapped Chocolates.....

                                                  Raspberry Pots - with Rose Petals

Yes, a very Pink evening was planned for Mrs G's Guests..... and a wonderful evening was had by all ....with many Pink moments ....

Mrs G's kind words were a pleasure to receive the following day..... 
Hi Maxine
I just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you so very much for the gorgeous cake!! It truly looked amazing and tasted fabulous too! Thank you also for your many helpful tips for the night.
Mrs G x 
                 A pleasure not only to create your Cake but also  help and assist....



  1. Beautifully done Maxine...every detail is perfect. I love the cake and can just imagine how amazing the graduated colour in the actual cake would have been a highlight during evening I'm sure.

  2. Thank you - again, another first for me - and still again, something i thoroughly enjoyed creating. The layers of pink sponge cake inside completed the cake beautifully.. :) Yes, it was a joy to bake and create. Maxine x

  3. One of the prettiest ombre cakes I've seen. I love the way you tied all the elements and food together, right down to the raspberry mousse and white chocolate. (My mouth is drooling as I write.) I would have loved to see the colors inside the cake, too bad I can't just cut myself a slice---but then your description tells me it would've been just as I pictured. Delicious.