Thursday, July 18, 2013


Gold - Mr & Miss S  requested an all Gold Cake... to sit on a Gold  covered Cake Board...  with embossing around the entire Cake - one large lower to sit on top of the Cake - surrounded by *Maxine* style Flowers.
 This was a first for me - and i was thrilled to be given the chance to create such a Cake .
A delightful couple - softly spoken  with an air of grace about  then both.... this style and colour of Cake suited them both.... and  would sit perfectly in place, in the Dinning Room at Stewarts Restaurant @ Brookleigh Estate in the Swan Valley.

The large Flower , along with the 96 smaller Flowers for the 96 Cupcakes were made and coloured  to a hue of the softest Pastel Pink.
When it came time to spraying the Large Flower, i endeavored to  spray the lower petals  lightly, so as the pastel pink would still be visible.
The Cupcake Flowers were to be sprayed so as a mixture of Gold and Pastel Pink was visible.

The Wedding Cake was a 6 inch Round x 7 inches tall.
A Chocolate Mud Cake with Cherry Ripe incorporated into the batter....
Torted into 6 layers the Cake was then filled with a Dark Bacolade Chocolate Ganache.

The Cupcakes were Vanilla Sponge - with a White Chocolate Ganache mixed with fresh Berries - to continue with the pastel pink theme.

 Gold Bows were tied to back of each Guests Chair - whilst Gold sashes were laid across the large tables..... and to complement the decor, vases and bowls of Roses in hues of Pinks  Gold and Champagne bought the room together beautifully.

                                                            THE WEDDING CAKE...

                                         EMBOSSING ON TOP OF WEDDING CAKE



                                                                    THE TABLE....

                                                                   THE FLOWERS



                                     Wishing you every Happinesd Mr & Mrs S..... 
                     May Life be kind to you  both - and all your paths lined with Gold.
                                                                           Maxine xx





  1. I have been waiting to see this have outdone yourself this time Maxine. What a stunning cake with of course the gold but also the embossing. I'm sure the Bride and Groom must have adored the cake you made for them.

  2. Hello cb-cm.... as it was something new for me to create i can honestly say - i was thrilled with the final creation. Every aspect came together as i had hoped - and yes, the Bride and Groom were thrilled. Two hours into the Wedding Reception i received a txt message telling me just how happy they were.... Thank you cb-cm for your very kind comment....


  3. Maxine, you have finally left me speechless. I don't have any new way to tell you what a spectacular cake this one is. From the elegant embossing, made more so by the gold, to the beautiful flowers and care taken to have them all in theme... just perfect. I can truly see why the b&g took time out of their reception to issue a personal thanks.
    Yes, you did it again. I don't think anything could really challenge your talents.

  4. Oh Maxine, I love this colour!!
    Everything looks so stunning as always!
    Have a great weekend

  5. Hello Jan - yes, it was wonderful to have the chance to create this Cake... Hopefully a customer shall ask for a *block* colour cake again... there is something striking about the effect...
    Your words as always are very warm and kind...Maxine xx

    Manu - lovely to see you hope life is being kind...Thank you my friend for your comment and yes, i loved the colour gold used also. Mx