Tuesday, January 15, 2013


The beautiful Phoebe was turning 18....
Such a special date - such a special occasion.

Something in the colour of Veridian with a White Bow,  and threads of Bling, attached to the ribbons of the Bow.
Something different to the traditional *present cake* one usually see's  - yes, a Tall Cake -  a Chocolate Mud Cake with a Caramel Milk Ganahce filling in between each of the 6 layers....is what Phoebe chose.

A 7 inch Round Cake - standing 7 inches tall.

Dainty Butterflies dotted here and there  - and a plague with an embossed 18 sitting to the side of the Cake.

For something completely different i decided to edge the base of the Cake with a thread of Bling also - and instead of the traditional ribbon around the edge of the Cake board - i added another thread of Bling.
It did glimmer in the light and i must say - Veridian and threads of Bling work/look beautifully together.
The Birthday Cake - sitting high on my crystal stand - which again worked well with the Bling - reflecting more light.

Mini Cupcakes accompanied the Birthday Cake.... sitting in little clear boxes - tied with white ribbon and finer threads of Bling... to tie in with the theme... as well as the little cupcakes,  sitting on the White Cake stand -

On arrival, to deliver the creation, one could tell that a great deal of planning had gone into this special occasion.... beautifully placed pots of gorgeous colour greeted all at the front entry - as did Phoebe who looked stunning and radiant,  as she waited for her guests to arrive.

                                                         Around the base of the cake.

Around the base of cake AND cake board

Part of the Bow...with threads of Bling

Butterfly resting on Bow

The Cake

The boxed Cupcakes

Mini Cupcake under Cloche

Mini Cupcakes in Lace Wrappers

Thank you Sue - it was indeed a pleasure to have met you and your Family

Many happy returns Phoebie



  1. Maxine, this is by far my favorite cake by you. Truely a wonderful job. Your work is so flawless. I strive to be like you. As I'm in the US, I can only admire your work from afar. Hope you would consider it a compliment if I attempted to do some of your cakes, but they'll never come close. I also like the fact you add a little story behind each one. Thank you for sharing. www.withthiscake.com aka Amy

  2. Thank you so much Amy... very kind of you to say. Thought i would attempt something different to the everyday Tiffany Cake.... i was very pleased with the end creation... Thank you again...Maxine