Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Reyenna asked that i create some pretty Cupcakes for a special occasion

Six Pink and six Blue... for the surprise Baby Shower she was hosting.
Twelve assorted Cupcakes to sit on my mirrored cake stands. which i decided to decorate - to add a gentle touch to the overall presentation.

Pink flowers around the edge of the cake stand displaying the pink Cupcakes - and -
Blue flowers and a little white bird around the edge of the cake stand displaying the blue Cupcakes

My Rosewater Sponge Cupcakes i made - filled with a soft Milk Ganache - then decorated.

                               Each Cupcakes sitting in a pretty Lace Cupcake Wrapper.

My gorgeous little Metal French Blue Cupcake Stand with Decorative Roses.
This stand comes with a Glass Cloche

Yes, pretty Cupcakes that would be just as pretty in any colour - for any special occasion.....


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