Monday, March 25, 2013


Sunday the 17th March was the day Ingrid hosted her Garden Baby Shower.
 Little white bowls of *one lump or two* with tiny silver tongs - sat along side the Brightly coloured Tea cups which matched the Bright Teapots... Rose Bowls and little Mason pots were filled with flowers.....which all sat on the white tablecloths along the long tables.
Ingrid chose an Alice In Wonderland theme for her Garden party.....

Inside was the Dessert Table -  Keeping to the colours of Pastel Blue and White...i made Mini cupcakes, some in mini white cups. others under the little glass domes.
Colour coordinated wrapped chocolates -  with a *b* made of fondant sitting on the tied Ribbon... and little blue swirled blue Meringues, also sat on the table - as did the Blue and White striped Baby Shower Cake.... Flowers with a butterfly on top of the Cake - representing the Garden and tiny Teddy Bears, Ducks and Bibs - representing the Baby Shower.

                                                                     The Cake...

Mini Cupcakes...

Wrapped Chocolates & Blue Swirled  Meringues.

I arranged Rose Ball vases, filled with white Roses, white Lithianthus, and white Singapore Orchids.
Small Mason Jars and Little bottles also donned the table - filled with a mixture of white flowers, yellow Tulips and yellow Roses.

A large arrangement of white Oriental Orchids and long stemmed yellow Roses greeted guests in the entry...  


The brightly coloured the *one lump or two*.......

In the Garden..... quotes, from Alice In Wonderland... in large white frames.

A Mirror and large clock............................ of course....

coloured lanterns.......hanging from the trees.

More of the Garden

Yes, a beautiful sunny Day - with a slight cool breeze was the perfect setting for such a Garden Baby Shower....
And now, we all await the arrival of Ingrid and Jason's baby Boy....
Oh how that little Boy shall be cherished and loved....

Bless you both.... for the joy that is about to grace your World.

Thank you Ingrid..... it was my pleasure.....

Maxine xx


  1. Hi Maxine nice to read from you.
    I love the colour of this cake, what a lovely baby shower.

  2. Hello my Friend...lovely to see you gain.. Thank you for your kind comment...I used a smidge of wisteria (blue) to get this soft shade..... it was a gentle blue.... thank you again Manu....
    Maxine :)

  3. Oh, Maxine..........It causes me to stretch my mind to find new ways to express myself. The ambience of the whole theme and execution is well....wonderland! I love the quotes and even the tiny little white teacups.
    From the choice and arrangement of the flowers to the colors and flowers on the cakes, lovely.
    (Did you perhaps have one "very small cake upon which the words 'EAT ME' were beautifully marked in currants"? Yes, I love Alice In Wonderland, too.
    What beautiful memories you add to the much anticipated event. How privileged you must feel to be part of it.


  4. Thank you reminded me of a photo that i forgot to post..... And yes, it is a little photo of *eat me*....Thank you for your kind words... and yes, it was a joy and pleasure to be part of Ingrids special day and soon to be joyful event.... Maxine xx