Saturday, March 30, 2013


Lucas is turning one.... and loves his Little Ted.
So of course, there had to be a Little Ted on his Birthday Cake ...along with the words I'm One, which is what it said on his birthday invitations. And on the sole of Little Ted's foot, the number 1.

The colours of the Invitations were Pale Blue, Dark Blue and Yellow.... which i incorporated when creating Lucas's Cake.

A 7 inch Round Cake -  consisting of 6 layers - each filled with Milk Chocolate Ganache... standing 6 inches high.  .... then covered in pale blue fondant - and then decorated..... including one yellow crayon Candle which sat next to Little Ted....

                                        *L* on the corner of the Blanket - which Little Ted sat upon.

*I'm One*

A tiny yellow ted - hiding behind Little Ted

LITTLE TED...holding another tiny ted.

The Cake.....

Little Blue and Yellow Ted's, Ducks, Bibs and Bottles... long with little Booties, sat around the base of the Cake and Cake board....

A huge Thank you to my friend Samantha...who made Little Ted.
He was perfect sitting on his blue blanket....
Again - Thank you - what a treasure you are.

Thank you also to Nicole - for you ever so kind words and high praise.
It was indeed a pleasure to make Lucas's Birthday Cake.

Happy Birthday Lucas...


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